High School DxD BorN episode 9: The Great Red, DD

High School DxD BorN final boss spotted

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Things sure are getting serious in High School DxD, Issei nearly lost complete self-control and died becoming the red dragon emperor, Asia disappeared for quite a while and was so close to actually dying, we learned so much more about the Chaos brigade, their intention and who is their actual leader and finally we got to see the Great Red, Dragon of Dragon,DD. Such a large influx of emotion and information in such a small time, coming all in a very random episode 9, I was not ready for this much intensity, I was pleased.

High School DxD BorN red dragon emperor

Issei has begun transforming into the great dragon emperor, he has such power that he could defeat someone of the power of a devil king in one attack. At this point Issei is more powerful and dangerous than anyone else on Rias’ team. He is a force to be reckoned with, I don’t think it will be that long until he is able to form a harem around himself and break free from Rias’ tutelage…if he lives long enough that is. After the stun he pulled this episode, it seems that the most dangerous and immediate threat to Issei is himself. He lost his cool when Asia disappeared and he nearly completely transformed into a beast blinded by rage. At the end of the episode it was even hinted that Issei will now have a lot more trouble keeping his human form, I’ll be really sad the day that Issei won’t be able to maintain his appearance since it means the amount of ecchi will become considerably limited from there. How will Issei become surrounded by boobies if he looks like a scaly red dragon? We can’t have that happen!

High School DxD BorN rias falling towards you

I was in the same boat as Issei for a while during the episode, I was really scared that they would have actually killed Asia, just like that, suddenly. The more time went by the more I started to doubt she would come back, every minute her reappearance became more unlikely. this anime is so unpredictable sometimes that I would not put it beyond them to kill off such a major character. I never know what to expect anymore and it keeps me on edge.

High School DxD BorN Chaos bridage

We had the big reveal this episode of both the leader of the Chaos Brigade and their objective as a group. It turns out that controlling hell or any small dream of the sort was not the goal, but instead most people in the group are after a being so powerful that even Ophis, the infinity dragon, is unable to dare fight it alone. The group is after DD, The Dragon of Dragon, the Great Red who wanders the dimensional gap. Vali wants to beat it to proclaim himself the true Dragon God, Ophis wants to get rid of it to be able to regain the silence and calm of the dimensional void, Sun probably just want an interesting fight and I have no idea yet why Kuroka is even with them. It looks like everyone else who was interested in joining Chaos Brigade were only pawns and simply shared common enemies. The old demon king lineage has been completely destroyed and they only wished to ally with Chaos Brigade because they would create a new war that would give them an opportunity, but at the end of the day Ophis cares very little about this world and didn’t try to help them in the least.

The last point of interest I want to raise is that Ophis removed the darkness within Issei’s heart. The dreaded Demon that killed him in the first place was haunting him and now that presence has been removed from his heart. Hopefully this will help him grow and believe in himself better in the future.

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