High School DxD NEW episode 1 [First Impression]: Boobs, Season 2

High School DxD NEW rias underwear

Oh I have waited so long for this, I am in awed, I am filled with joy, second season of High School DxD here I come ! I loved the first season so much and from the look of things second season will be just as good. Behold the best ecchi I’ve seen in such a long time, the show which elevated my love for ecchi !

High School DxD NEW boobs in face

I’m not even exaggerating my enjoyment of the show here. I am a man, a pervert and an anime lover. High School DxD is filled with perverted scenes and boobs everywhere so right here we already have a winning scenario for me. Even if we disregard the ecchi, the show has a funny story and it has me laughing every single week. How hilarious was it to learn that there were crazy rumour about Issei at school and that they all originated from his friends? How hilariously was it when Akeno sucked off the dragon’s power out of Issei since he couldn’t control it. All those jokes, all those innuendos, both of my brains cannot hold still when so much hilarious things are thrown at me.

High School DxD NEW rias on top

The show ain’t even all about Boobs and Jokes either (although that’s 80% of it), there is also a deep and real story and interesting character. Kiba was certainly the guy we saw the least of last season and this time around it seems that he is having most of the spotlight as the story will most definitively turn around him. I’m really intrigued to learn more about this and to see what the plot of this season will be about. Hopefully it will allow Issei to gain a bit more power so he doesn’t have to go do his contract by bike anymore. It is kind of pathetic that while he is less of a newby than Asia, he still has trouble to achieve any contract at all. I understand how being a guy can make things more difficult, but he still should be able to achieve a contract or too, he needs to stop being so lazy so he can start his own harem of sexy women…although he already is in quite the harem right now.

High School DxD NEW melting clothes

I will most definitively watch this show throughout the summer, I will blog it also every week and bring you a plethora of interesting pictures. I’m so happy that this thing got a second season, I can barely contain my enjoyment. Although now I’ll go take a short break since I’ve been blogging non-stop for 5h straight. Hopefully no new show will come out for a little while so I can breathe a bit.

ZeroGhj signing off

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