High School DxD NEW episode 10: Dragon Slayer

High School DxD NEW dragon slayer

Well I was waiting for a decent sub of this show to come out before blogging it, but in the end I had to give it as there is still nothing great out there and we are 1 day later than I like to post it, so here it comes.

We finally got to see the beginning of the meeting and it is just as tense and interesting as I hoped it to be. It is intimidating enough to see all the leader under the same roof with their respective army standing by over the school, it is made even more tense now that the two dragons are in the room too. From the look of it, it is rather obvious that there is another group that is about to interfere with the meeting, who is that group though, I have no idea what so ever. the only thing I know is that the new sword Issei has been giving will probably prove useful in the near future in the inevitable action that is about to happen.

High School DxD NEW trouble incoming

One thing that saddens me a bit is the prospect that most of the issues raised this season won’t be solved until a later season. There are only 2 episodes left and so many things have yet to happen. I really hope that there will be a 3rd season to complete everything otherwise I’d feel cheated. This second season did a fantastic job at developing the characters and making the show more serious and have it more complex in every genre, but I feel like it will do poorly in finality. I really wish the show was more than 12 episodes or that a 3rd season would be already along the horizon considering how abrupt of an ending we might get this time around.

High School DxD NEW Azazel fallen angel

In other news, this episode was a good part about Akeno and how her character now received some more attention. So far it seems like just about every character except for Koneko will have had their moment of spotlight to receive a bit more depth. I must admit that in Akeno’s case I feel like it might have been a bit rushed, but I like that her character remains a bit more mysterious and that her depth stays a bit more difficult to figure out. It goes well with her sadistic nature. It also makes sure that the harem way of the show won’t be loss and that on the contrary sexual tension between the character might become even more present than in the past.

High School DxD NEW happy issei

Overall I think this episode was quite entertaining and I’m looking forward to the big showdown of the next episode, I have high hopes for it.

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