High School DxD episode 11: The Phoenix Wins

Holy shit that was a bit unexpected and I am not even talking about something in particular in the episode, just about how everything was more awesome than I originally expected.


First of, I did not expect the game to already end, I was expecting it would last to the very end of the season, but not only did it already ended, but Rias lost. I was expecting the happy ending for everyone with Rias and Issei barely winning the rating game, the show was not really that good at having unexpected events after all, it is mostly a soft hentai show after all. But this episode didn’t had that many boobs, well there were a ton of them, but still, less than usual.


*bro fist*

Issei’s Boosted Gear got a power up and he is now able to borrow the power of everyone else, his power is slowly becoming incredible, he can steal power, boost his physical strength AND he can undress anyone in sight, that’s just overkill is it not? And he is a pawn, so he can obtain the power of any piece too, Maybe if he didn’t over did it with his boost he would have been able to stand on his feet and finish that fight, he already had the power of the queen, his increased power and the ability to make swords appear from anywhere. But he still was at quite the disadvantage against the King, because he was a guy and therefore Issei was unable to fight to his full potential against him, since guy don’t have boobs…most of the time. But still with Yuuto power to boost, he should have been able to have a fair fight against him.


Issei has gained a level !

Speaking of that power, I suddenly have a lot more respect for Yuuto, he was really holding back all this time, his sacred power is incredible. I’m surprised he wasn’t able to finish his opponent alone before Issei intervenes, after all he could have easily make swords rises from the ground in a circle all around the other knight and easily defeat her. But I guess it was more impressive to have Issei defeat everyone in a single blow.


Clothing is optional in a Rating Game

Another point I found shocking was that Akeno was defeated ! Yes it did take two life for the other Queen to bring Akeno down, but still, I was not expecting to see her cruel and masochist face go down no matter the pain and suffering she would have went through. It was also a shame that we were not allowed to see Akeno fight, I’m sure she is the most impressive of all to see unleash her true power. I hope we’ll have a glimpse of it before the end of the season, which is coming close.


Good strategy, first remove her defense and then combine it with a powerful attack !

But now it seems that Rias will be marrying Phoenix, such a funny way to head so close to the end. I’m confident that by some magical event Rias will be set free from her fate, but I have no idea how this will happen. Maybe she will lose her virginity to Issei first? It is anyone’s guess at this point, but we will see soon enough.


ZeroG signing off

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