High School DxD NEW episode 11: Gasper the Vampire

High School DxD NEW Gasper poer


Woohoo, the final battle has finally begun. It was inevitable at this point and I am glad it wasn’t delayed any further. I am a bit disappointed that the fight might not take nearly as much time as I would have liked, but I guess this second season had just too many things to include into it for it to really expand the fighting into multiple episodes like last season.

High School DxD NEW White dragon

This episode was a great one in term of action and ecchi. I was waiting for more battle to occur in the show for a while now. Overall the season had been really light in both ecchi and actual battle. Kokabiel merely caused a ruckus in the first half of the season, it is the white dragon that fought him, not Issei, therefore it had been ages since we last saw Issei special move. It was just really funny and cool to see Gasper and Issei work together to achieve a “common goal”. I have a feeling that with two such powerful being grouped together and considering their immaturity, it could lead to some pretty hilarious situations in future seasons. I already love that new combo of Gasper and Issei, it seems like Gasper will help Issei in his mischief considerably. Yuuta never really sided with Issei on anything like that, so it is a nice change to have a guy who can cooperate with him more.

High School DxD NEW frozen naked

Speaking of Gasper, it was always hinted at that he was really strong, but it was never really shown and it always seemed only in the realm of possibilities more than anything else. Now we actually got to see what Gasper was capable of when he used his vampiric power. He managed to grope every single woman in the room while transformed as a swarm of bat and he stopped time to allow Issei to quickly undress them all. When taken control of, his powers were strong enough to stop everyone except for the very strongest being in the whole area. This is no Asia level of Bishop there, that guy can be a serious trouble for anyone, he could easily be one of Rias most powerful pieces now, even if she has a dragon and two holy sword bearers with her.

High School DxD NEW time stopped

Last but not least, the final “boss” of this season has now showed up and she really doesn’t seem that strong, especially if she is to fight Azazel instead of just Issei or another weakling of Rias’s group. I feel like the final battle will be far from epic compared to what we had int he first season, but I also feel like this season of High School DxD was but a prelude to a much better and awesome season 3. I could be wrong though as there is no season 3 announced yet (as far as I know anyway).

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