High School DxD episode 12 [Final] : Rescue the Princess !


I’m not sure how I feel about this final episode of High School DxD, it tried to be epic, it tried to be touching and it tried to be profound. But the only thing I saw was a cheesy over dramatatic ending that I saw in many anime before.


They called him Dovahkiin…Dragon Born ! FUS RO DAH !

The show was a comedy and a ecchi before anything else, the epic power and demon fighting was simply some background stuff for the show, just the excuse for the ecchi to exist. So it was kind of weird to see the last episode, I just kept wondering why they tried so hard to make the show what it was not. The show is a ecchi and it does incredible at that, but there was none (or at least very few) in this episode. Yes the episode complete the story for now and opens up the possibility for a second season, but I won’t watch a second season because I’m curious who is that white dragon, I just want to see more boobs and laugh a little more.


Go Go Power Ranger

I can’t even say that this episode was bad, I would just say that it tried too hard. The super power up and sacrifice of Issei, the fight against Raiser and the following disney like ending, it was all a bit too much for what High School DxD is all about. Throughout the season we saw Rias naked countless time and she never seemed anything close to prude, yet now we saw her give her first kiss to Issei while they were flying back home on the back of a griffon. It is exactly in the character of Rias to hide her emotions and never reveal her romantic side and who she really is, but the whole scenario was simply too cheesy for me to accept it this easily.


I’d go all yaoi on this guy

I wish the final episode had more ecchi, more comedy and a little less of “epicness”. When you put too much epic in something that shouldn’t be, it ruins it. I still can’t come to hate the show, because it was absolutely fantastic for most of the time, but now they tried to complete and put the emphasis on their story, while in the last 11 episodes the story was so weak that I never even noticed it actually existed.


Issei uses Holy Water, It is Super Effective !

The ending was not surprising at all either, but that I expected, I never really hoped to see something out of the ordinary from the story of this show, but maybe if there had been a little twist, maybe if Issei’s sacrifice was a little more meaningful or maybe if everyone weren’t so chill about having the ceremony ruined that easily, then maybe I would have appreciated the episode a little more.


That might leave a mark

Even so, if there is a second season to be made of the show, I will watch it, even with this ordinary and disappointing ending I still feel like the show was overall awesome. I want to see Issei develop his ecchi power more than his dragon power, but either one would still be interesting.


A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no Or where to go Or say we’re only dreaming

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