High School DxD NEW episode 12 [Final]: Defend the Boobs!

High School DxD dragon fight

Well I don’t think they could have done a better ending than this episode for this season. I think everything that happened symbolized exactly what High School DxD is all about, action, shounen and boobs. I was scared I would end up hating this season because of the lack of finality, but instead I got surprised by a really great ending to a season of High School DxD so different from the original season, but so much better too. I believe it is rare that a second season of a show is better than the original, but I believe it to be the case this time around. But I digress, I will talk about the season more in the Overall Review of the show instead of here.

High School DxD Issei super power

We were able to see the two dragon fight it out at the end of this season and that was really all I was asking for. I wanted a real battle involving Issei in this season, and while it was unfortunate that the battle was only one episode long, it certainly was an intense one. High School DxD doesn’t try to pull off Dragon Ball Z on us and the battle are always fast paced and to the point. We were able to see Issei power up and see the extent of his power, he even gained an additional ability by absorbing part of the English dragon power. Issei might be a loser obsessed with women, but he is definitively really strong and has the most potential for growth. The whole theme of Issei increasing in power considerably when breasts are in danger is something that easily define what High School DxD is all about, that final fight and Issei sudden rise of power were exactly what I’d expect and love from this show. It is both funny, ecchi and filled with action all at the same time and it is why I love the show.

High School DxD bad girl in trouble

Now a third season better arrive in less than a year time because I believe the show is popular enough and that the story now has enough opened plot to make everything work. We had deep character backstory, Issei is now closer than ever to his harem, they now have a catalyst to increase their power with Azazel around and there is a new faction that appeared as their enemy number one. With every female member of the occult club now living with Issei at his home it seems that ecchi event are bound to happen in a future season, possibly even more than in this season considering it was rather light in ecchi overall.

High School DxD Xenovia breast

Futhermore there are now an abundance of increasingly interesting character in the show, both male and female. Gasper, Vali and Azazel are all guys but they definitively help bring the ecchi up a notch even though they are all breastless. Overall this season was great from a story point of view and I cannot wait for a third season seeing as things keep getting more and more awesome as time passes. Tune in next week for the Overall Review final impression of this season of High School DxD NEW.

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