High School DxD episode 13 OVA 1: Oh my, those tentacles are perverted !

High School DxD oh my those tentacles are perverted

At long last I will review this episode even though it has been out since ages, but the coming of a second season compelled me to watch those OVA to remember the great and extensive universe of High School DxD as well as to remember the fantastic character that are in this show…yeah right. The show is indeed really beautiful and fun to watch, it is hilarious, but I only watched it for the boobs and obvious constant sexual jokes. I did not remembered that Issei was even that remotely perverted and it had been a while since I saw every character’s breasts…I mean amazing personality.

High School DxD sucked on

I think this episode was a great summary of what High School DxD is all about, the story was a bit layout in front of us, there were cool power sperm attack and tits grabbing tentacle rape monsters which bloomed huge breasts. From the slime who destroy clothes to the tentacles and Issei perverted fantasy, everything the show could have ever wanted was included in this episode, I’m never sure if an episode of High School DxD is a regular episode or fan service, but this episode sure did great service to its fans !

High School DxD saved

I think that Issei was absolutely cheated this episode, I really wish he could have had at least partially his wish, after all he did summon all of his energy to help and defeat the monster, he didn’t betray Rias and he chose the right path, ok he might have needed a bit of convincing to do so, but it’s the result that counts…right? At the very least Rias and Akeno could have let him felt them boobs just a bit, as a reward for doing such a stellar job, no body was hurt and no body died. All the girls in the world with small breast will now forever be stuck with them, their only option, the blooming dragon-flower, has been destroyed and no more will they be able to be tentacled rape by a monster that will give them bigger breasts if you drink the juice from its seeds. This is such a shame, but I guess that having Koneko grow some breast would have been detrimental to the lolly fans. At least now everyone keeps their size and Issei ends the episode extremely disappointed, as per usual. I guess he can’t just get all that perversion out before a couple more season, until then I hope his balls will be able to hold out.

ZeroGhj signing off

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