High School DxD episode 14 OVA 2: Daily Demon Duties

High School DxD rias in dancing outfit

Why this episode made boring interesting for some reason. About half of the episode was about cooking, foot massage and playing video game, it could have easily been a slice of life before a perverted mummy awoken. I must thank this episode for one thing in particular…Rias dance was quite exquisite and erotic. I would have to say that the animation wasn’t top notch and that it could have been made even more erotic than it already was, but at the same time I felt like it was “good enough”. I don’t necessarily expect perfection from High School DxD, after all it is already one of the greatest ecchi of all time while it tries to be every single genre at once (as secondary genre after ecchi of course).

High School DxD konako naked

It had been so long since the first OVA was released, we were finally granted our wish and we got a second OVA before the second season of High School DxD begins. The more this show goes on the more I fall in love with more than boobs. The comedy and the characters are so perfectly done, the characters and power up are so cliché, but they are indeed so much stereotyped that it makes them unusual. They are clearly defined and there is no bullshit about them, they are exactly as they need to be to increase the ecchi potential, nothing less, nothing more.

High School DxD rias orgasm

Back to the episode itself, I had even forgotten that Issei developed a clothes destruction technique, I must admit I was pleased to see what his technique was, so many great memories came to mind after he used it. I was especially fond of the way Konako resentfully had to accept what would soon befall her.  It was incredibly sexy how she crushed Issei’s view to protect her own innocence. I was still quite glad that for once Issei was able to use his perverseness to full potential to save everyone, when the solution to save people is to get them naked I cannot do otherwise but think it is the best of situations.

High School DxD succubi

I cannot wait for the second season of High School DxD which is coming this summer, there will be plenty more of everything we saw…but every single week. What I mean by that of course is that I’m really excited to learn more about the new story line and the new characters and power up that every single character will have. I can already imagine in my wildest dream all the new perverted attacks that Issei will be able to pull off and I’m hard just thinking about it. I can hardly wait.

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