High School DxD episode 2: Awaken the Inner Power

This show is amazing, I never expected a show about boobs to be this funny and this awesome at the same time.

We have everything to be pleased right here, beautiful girls, slaves, really liberal demons, lust, action, comedy…nothing is missing to make this show enjoyable. Is it weird for me to say that I make like the story, the story of such an ecchi, I find it quite interesting. Of course it is nothing completely new, nothing absolutely epic. But we are only at the second episode and we already have an apprentice demon looking to gain power in order to form a harem of slave. I don’t know about you, but this is getting exciting.


With the amount of porn they watch, they ought to have at least an Idea of how it looks like

What’s more is that Issei is a really fun main character. He is such a loser that ends up in this perfect situation. He is desperate for sexual action and he is so perverted that now that he is surrounded by demons, lust is always present. The fact that he spends more time looking at Rias’ panties and boobs than actually listening to her is quite hilarious. Let’s just say that for a slave, he have really weird ideas about his master, and the master doesn’t seem too shy about it either. The fact that Rias is a demon and that even though she is a virgin she has such self-confidence and she is so liberal and exhibitionist makes their relationship even better. Issei must really feel in paradise, even though in reality he is closer to hell.


that’s an awesome ability, doesn’t hurt anyone, just rip the clothes to shred

The very first scene of the episode, when Issei’s mother found her boy with a naked Scandinavian girl in his bed was simply priceless. There is no words to described how funny I found the scene, the hysterical mother and father, they could hardly believe that their boy would meet a girl, even less that they would find him naked on top of one, and a really pretty one at that. What was even funnier was how Rias used their magic on Issei’s parents to make them accept without any problem that this was how close friends acted now a day.  To be honest, it was not so far from reality either.


He is the least threatening demon ever

The last important thing this episode is that Issei finally awakened his power, we still have no clue what it does exactly except ripping girl’s shirts to pieces, but it is already quite awesome. I’m looking forward to see what kind of power Issei will awaken with this Secret Gear.


She shows a lot of panties for a pure little girl

In the end, I absolutely love this show. It has ecchi, demon girl, harem, action, humour. There is no way I can’t have a great time watching it, even if I would try. I’m looking forward to see what will happen with the priest girl Issei just met next episode, I have a feeling that a priest and a demon can’t haven such a harmoneous relationship.


ZeroG signing off

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