High School DxD NEW episode 2: Church is evil

High School DxD NEW church

Things were extremely fun and action packed this episode, I was not expecting for the show to start so eagerly into fighting and deeper into its story, I’m kind of used for ecchi to take their sweet time and have a lot of filler episode to show us as much boobs as we can, but it seems that the second season of High School DxD definitively has a lot more story-wise than what the previous season showed us.

High School DxD NEW yuuta contract

Yuuta is definitively getting a big part in this season as once again he reappeared just in time this episode to make himself the center of attention. Now it will be demonic boys against saints of the church fighting each others to prove a point. I think that the demons have an advantage just because of how they operate together, Issei have a tendency to be really effective against female opponents and Yuuta has a lot of motivation for that fight, I wouldn’t be surprised if he plans to use that fight to destroy both of the holy sword Excalibur that those girl holds.

High School DxD NEW vagina zipper

Speaking of those girls, I really don’t like Issei’s childhood friend, the girl is so energetic yet unable to understand people emotions. She seems so selfish for a member of the church, I just feel like every single member of the church, except for Asia, are complete assholes who don’t care one bit about anyone else but themselves and “God”. They might be the bad guys, but they are certainly not as bad as stray demons or fallen angels. I’m quite sure that there is a high possibility that the new girl will somehow end up in Issei’s harem forces at some point. It just seems that every passing episode the dream of Issei to become a harem king keeps on becoming more and more of a reality, he does wake up every day with two beautiful girl sleeping naked with him, his dragon powers are bearing fruits.

High School DxD NEW rude awakening

Speaking of those, I was really laughing my ass off when Issei had a bro-conversation with his right arms. I know that he was talking to the demon spirit that lives inside of him, but it was still pretty funny to see the guy talk about sex and boobs to his masturbation’s hand. Especially considering that the dragon’s spirit inside of him is supposed to be really old and wise and therefore to see him talk about boob grabbing and creating a harem was definitively an amazingly funny thing to witness. In a quick side note, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy Issei is having contract with is the guy who has the other dragon power, he looks important enough for such plot point to happen.

High School DxD NEW fishing

There wasn’t that much ecchi this episode, but everything was pretty good nonetheless, as I previously said countless times in the first season, I came here for the boobs, I stayed for the comedy and awesome story ! The story obviously is nothing compared to super mainstream shows, but it is so much better than any other ecchi, it is simply amazing that we get to have full ecchi, full comedy and full epic action all in one huge bundle. I’m looking forward to next episode for the epic duel.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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