High School DxD NEW episode 3: Yuuta’s new family

High School DxD NEW sword fight


I was quite disappointed with today’s battle, I was hoping that Issei would at least manage to do in his clothes shattering combo before he got beaten to the ground. I mean I’m not mad or surprised that they lost, we are only at the third episode after all, we can’t have some big all at fight already so soon, but I wish we could have at least got some new bodies to witness in front of the radiant sun.

High School DxD NEW undressed

This episode was mostly a reunion for Yuuta to come back to term with the Gremory family, it was really sad to see him run away all this time and I’m glad that now things seems to be settled and he will remain at the center of the family and fight alongside everyone else. We now have a common enemy declared and somehow they manage to make the church and the demon work together against a common foe, this certainly will open up the path to some much needed ecchi down the road. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if Issei goal of tearing woman’s clothes from sight alone was more foreshadowing than dream, at least I would hope so. Issei does have great motivation to achieve his goals and he has the determination to make it come true. He already managed to become so much more powerful since the last season and if he could rip everyone naked at the beginning of every fight well…it wouldn’t really improve his power but we’d have a lot more boobs in the show so who cares.

High School DxD NEW loly punch

We also finally got the full story of Yuuta this episode, we finally got the longer version of what happened to him and his friends and I must admit I thought it was a bit long and too much. I feel like there was already enough attention given to that back story and that it was unneeded to have a complete recall of what happen since we already had enough bits and pieces to figure out everything that happened already. Now I hope that Yuuta will finally be able to have his revenge while staying with the Gremory, after all while Yuuta is a nice character and while he does have interesting power and personality, he isn’t someone who brings a lot of jokes or ecchi and I love both of those things. When Yuuta is around we get more seriousness, which is needed and help make the story deeper, but if we lose our root here we won’t be going anywhere nice.

High School DxD NEW naked holographic meeting

Very little ecchi this episode once again, but I feel like next episode will either be action heavy or ecchi heavy or both, after all we are getting to the point where more of the main plot is all going to be revealed, I cannot wait to learn more about that odd man Issei has so many contract with.

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