High School DxD NEW episode 4: Threeway War

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Well, I wasn’t expecting for the show to already jump straight with the bad guy behind all the Excalibur experiment, but then again I never expected that everything would turn towards an all out war three way wars between angels, demons and fallen angels. Since this second season started I feel like just about every thing in the story has been going way too quickly, everything has been escalating so fast. Last season everyone had to fight against Rias brother and future lover, but now we are only 4 episodes in and it is an all out war that is at stake. Now if we just do a quick recap of what is going on we’ll see a lot more than the very simple story we had in the first season. Kiba is in a quest for vengeance against the creator of the Holy swords and the reason he died, A leader fallen angel is working his way to create a new war between the many different clans and he is doing so just to entertain himself and meanwhile the white dragon, which his Issei’s mortal enemy, awakened from its slumber and therefore Issei is in danger of being attacked at any moment.

High School DxD NEW fallen angel

We are following 3 major plot points and at the same time Issei is still surrounded by ecchi while at home and the show still manages to have ample of boobs and jokes throughout the episode. I really don’t have a single complaint about this episode, I found it pretty damn solid as it was well rounded around character development, action and boobs/jokes.  I feel like I could watch a whole season of the formula for this episode and I would still enjoy it when we reach the end. Now I’m just really curious if shit is actually going to hit the fan and war will be started or if everything will be avoided just in time. At this point in time it feels like both possibilities are just as likely, but I think I’d much rather have the super war avoided as I feel it would make things way too chaotic. I want for the show to explore every single avenue it has set-up, I don’t want it to go into a endless battle where boobs and jokes will be difficult to come by. I want for Issei to eventually have his moment to shine and fight the white dragon, I want for Kiba to finally have his revenge and I want for everyone to still enjoy their peaceful and perverted daily life, therefore peace is the best option for the future.

High School DxD NEW boob contest

Now I’m really curious for next episode where we’ll finally know what kind of outcome we can expect from this fallen angel’s declaration of war. The ball is in his end.

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