High School DxD NEW episode 5: Cursed Holy Sword Vs Excalibur

High School DxD NEW excalibur

I don’t know if I just have a bad memory, but I feel like this second season of High School DxD has many more action and plot than the first one ever had. I don’t remember the first season having such intense battle going on so early in the season. We are only reaching the halfway point next episode and Rias and Issei together will probably manage to defeat one of the greatest power of this world to save their entire town. Meanwhile Yuuta had so much character development and he even managed to improve his power and strength during this episode. I just feel like there is so much stuff going on that is nor ecchi or comedy that it definitively surprises me.

High School DxD NEW surrounded by emotions

This episode the Excalibur arc finally reached its end and we might enter something completely different for the next few episodes, of course episode 6 will be the end of the battle between Rias and the fallen angel, but after that I’m not sure exactly what direction the show will be going. We can expect that the next 6 episodes after that will be about the Dragon arc, seeing as Issei really have a thirst for power now and the second dragon has awakened, I’m just not sure if that will be all there will be in the second half or if some other major elements will pop up.

High School DxD NEW together against evil

This episode was really fun to watch as the action was surprisingly good and there even was some kind of emotional factor thrown into it. I’m not sure if I completely liked how much tears were shed over Yuuta’s story and his reunion with his friends’ souls but it certainly brought a nice conclusion to Yuuta’s thirst for revenge and it gave him a lot more power amongst the crew. In the first season Yuuta was really more of a side character with no real presence in Rias minions, but now he has grown even more powerful, both in term of power and in term of personality and story. After all since the new season started he was at the center of just about every single episode. It is nice to see that he will now become more of a real character and not just “that other guy”.

High School DxD NEW Yuuta and friends

Having said all that, I feel like Yuuta had enough spotlight for a little while and that the second half of the season should really focus more on Issei, after all there is this whole set-up about the two dragons need to fight, so I expect that to turn the focus a bit more on him. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Yuuta, but Issei is definitively a better main character if we want ecchi and comedy to start happening a bit again, instead of tears and story of vengeance. We had some slight boobs here and there, but overall this season was a bit empty on ecchi, so I expect that to change soon enough.

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  1. Nobody says:

    Both those series are basically just the prelude to the real story, overall this fallen angel is just small fry.

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