High School DxD NEW episode 6: Azazel is beside you and he’s playing a game

High School DxD NEW Azazel

I was expecting for the fight to finish unexpectedly and not by Rias’s team but by an outsider occurrence, but I must admit that I was expecting for Rias’s brother to show up, not the English dragon. I didn’t thought that we would meet Issei arch nemesis so soon, but I guess we do have already reached the halfway point of the show. Now what kind of story we are to expect, I have no idea what so ever.

High School DxD NEW new knight

I was really shocked and awed this episode to learn that God was dead along with the Demonic Overlords, I was certainly not expecting for such turn of event in a show which I sometimes forget to consider as anything else than a ecchi. I mean usually God is represented as this immortal being and yet in this show it is one of the first time where I see that the actual God of Heaven was defeated in a war and now another one has taken its place. It is really something to see that the universe of High School DxD keeps on expanding every season and its depth receives a constant Boost.

High School DxD NEW White Dragon

This episode not only did we meet with the English Dragon, Albion, whose power are the complete opposite to Issei, but we also met the Boss of all the Fallen Angel and the, I believe, strongest person in that world. Seeing as he is the only boss still alive after the three-way war, I would dare think that he has no match for now. After all the White Dragon is working for him, so I would assume that he is superior in power to even that mythical reptile. I’m really curious to see what kind of plan Azazel has with Issei, because he has been observing him for a little while now and I’m pretty sure considering his obsession for collection that he wants to get his hand on his sacred gear too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Issei suddenly had a really sweet harem deal going his way with the Fallen Angel, Azazel must have all the ladies in the world with wings has dark and pretty as he has and therefore I would think he could lend a few to make Issei reconsider his alignment.

High School DxD NEW ripped shirt loly

I’m certain that Issei obviously won’t leave Rias for anything else, but I’m still curious if having someone else offer him a better position would force Rias to treat him a little better. All thing considered he is quite the asset to her team and he barely get any compensation for it, the man just wants a pair of boobies to grab to be satisfied, I feel like it really isn’t much to ask from a great demon like her. Hopefully we will see next episode what kind of reward Issei can get, I believe it will be a beach episode so we can expect it to be extra ecchi with a small dose of humour sprinkled all over it. I’m looking forward to it.

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