High School DxD NEW episode 7: Put a baby in me Issei

High School DxD NEW make a baby with me

The first half of the show is over and I was expecting for this episode to be mainly a fan service episode with lots and lots of breasts and jokes everywhere. I surely wasn’t disappointed one bit. This episode was really what the show needed, after all the past 4 episodes were nearly all story driven and heavy on action and the jokes and ecchi was starting to be pretty scarce. Now while only half the episode was about ecchi and fan service, it was still more than enough to make me feel satisfied for a little while. The juicy pictures are included in the gallery, so I’m sure that at least half of the people won’t even read this post and will go straight there.

High School DxD NEW Rias creamed

I am really surprised though that the show have all the girls be so interested in Issei all of the sudden. We already had Asia and Rias making a pretty love triangle, but I never expected that Akeno and Xenovia would join the lot. Xenovia looked like such a cold person and Akeno was such a sadist that it is the kind of things I found a bit of a stretch, but then again they both moved forward in ways befitting their character. Although I must admit I still have trouble understand Xenovia has she seems like such a confused character all the time. Nonetheless, now it feels like Issei could seriously become a harem king if things keeps up, he won’t even have to leave Rias and everyone will be on his cock all day long as was proven with today’s episode.

High School DxD NEW sexy akeno

Now, into the actual story that is about to begin. Some people might have completely missed the fact that a new arc was about to begin, but I cannot blame them as Rias boobs are certainly mesmerizing. The war between the three faction won’t happen, or at the very least it doesn’t look like it is still in the realm of possibilities now that Kokabiel has been eliminated and sentenced to an eternity in ice. I’m curious what the outcome of that meeting will be, but no matter the outcome the meeting itself should be quite interesting. We have for the first time seen Azazel last episode, we already met Rias brother in the past, but it will be the first time that we will see the leader of heaven. Those are the most powerful being currently in that universe, at least as far as we can tell, so it will be most interesting to see that many strong power meet at a single location. I’m really curious to see them all, and see what the outcome of that meeting will be.

High School DxD NEW overlord

In other news, it must be really awkward to have the brother of your mistress sleep in the same room as you AND have him talk about how gorgeous the breast of his little sister are. I know that it is the kind of conversation I would definitively not like to have, but it is still fun in that kind of show.

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