High School DxD NEW episode 8:You can touch too

High School DxD NEW wild condom

It was time for the parent observation day in High School DxD and while it wasn’t as ecchi or funny as I hoped it would be it was still a decent episode. I must say that this episode could probably fall into my least favorite episode for now if I had to choose one, but It wasn’t such a terrible episode either. I just felt like it could have been so much more than it was, but I guess that episode which includes character introduction are needed from time to time to enlarge Issei’s Harem, although I admit I feel like there are already more than enough female character in the show to please every men, but maybe the loly was missing a little bit or something because I have a feeling it is what is going to be introduced next.

High School DxD NEW sculpted to perfection

It is fun to know that Rias already had another Bishop all along and that she was simply never allowed to use it, I have a feeling that although we are told that her power are too great for Rias to control that t he actual person will be more than friendly and cooperative. There is just this constant duality in High School DxD that the strongest foes are also the most light-hearted when it comes to their personality out of combat…maybe with the exception of Akeno. Then again, going by that logic the English dragon would be the biggest weakling ever considering how serious he seems to take his future opposition with the Welsh dragon. I feel like while their fight has been hyped for a little while now, it probably won’t happen this season, or if it does it will only happen at the very end. There is just too much stuff going on right now for their battle to begin and Issei is nowhere near strong enough for that battle yet.

High School DxD NEW English Dragon

More importantly, this episode introduced a magical girl to the mix. Or more precisely, a demonic overlord who likes to cosplay and act like a magical girl. I would be ashamed of my older sister too if she were to act that way, not only in public, but going into an important meeting between the strongest leader of the three factions. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if all the leaders were just as weird and extravagant as she was in the end. It is already quite exciting that we got to meet Rias’ father, even though he barely talked, and another of the 4 overlord from hell.

High School DxD NEW family meeting

Next episode will probably feature the actual meeting and will introduce us to this secret locked away bishop that has been suddenly brought into play, I’m curious to see what kind of power that bishop has for her to be this dangerous and locked away. I mean after all Rias has both the power of the daughter of a fallen angel and of the Welsh dragon, so what kind of monster could possibly be considered too dangerous for her to handle? I guess we will learn soon enough.

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