High School DxD NEW episode 9: Cuteness

High School DxD NEW my cute little vampire

Well this episode was something completely different. I never expected for High School DxD to be so devoid and far from anything ecchi. This episode reminded me of a cute little high school show for girls. I can’t even say that I disliked the show as it was really a good episode that made me laugh and kept me entertain until the very end. I certainly wasn’t expecting the whole episode to be around a little cross dressing boy who is shy of everyone and acts cute and like a junior to Issei. I was expecting the cute little girl who is shy to show up, after all we don’t have anyone nearly that shy in the show anymore, but I was really convinced it would be another girl to add to Issei’s harem, not a boy.

High School DxD NEW scaredycat

Now his ability on the other hand are definitively amazing. I too would love to be able to stop time around me, although the implementation of the ability is much more similar to Rolo in Code Geass than an actual freeze of time from what I saw. I can really understand how this Bishop can be a great addition to Rias team. We have yet to see the extent of his power because of his inherent lack of determination to develop them, but I can already see how he could stop time for only some people around him and let time go for the others. I can see how he could maybe stop time to let Issei power up and then Issei would gain all the power he needs in no time at all. Now only thing left is to finally wait for him to develop his power alongside Issei and to grow ready for the inevitable great battle that will happen in the near future.

High School DxD NEW fighting evil

What I was most excited about this episode were the last few seconds when we finally got to see Michael. He was the last of the most powerful being to be revealed and it interested me to find out who people were praying to all this time. Xenovia would most likely be more than interested to finally be able to see who was listening to her many prayers all this time. That or she will once again fall into major confusion about her whereabouts and what she is doing with her life, either way should be interesting really. We always got to see demon and fallen angel, the show was always grimmer than anything else, so it is quite refreshing to see the leader of the angels, someone brimming with colour and with a large bright smile.

High School DxD NEW Michael

Next week will finally hopefully be the actual meeting, it has been hinted at for the last 2 or 3 episodes and we still haven’t come close to having it actually happen. I want to see what the outcome of that meeting will be, I am fairly certain that something will go wrong in the near future of the show becomes it needs to end on a fight after all.

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