Hitsugi no Chaika episode 10: Flying Fortress

Hitsugi no Chaika  flying stronghold

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Those flying fortresses are so cool. I want to bash the show like I always do, but before that, I really need to take a better look at those fortress and how awesome they are. I feel like I’m watching Howl’s moving castle all over again with the design of those fortified flying castles. I must say that as I keep mentioning, the universe of Hitsugi no Chaika is amazing. I love the way they created that world and how everything is such great fantasy. Those giant flying fortresses which represent the great might of an empire. The supreme weapons of war which were used to kill the previous great emperor, those symbol of military might. How ironic that one of the two only remaining ones are in the hand of a sadistic little boy.

Hitsugi no Chaika evil kid

I find it quite interesting to see such a splendid flying stronghold being held in control by just 3 people. I wonder if it would always be so easy in such a universe to steal such powerful piece of technology. Which leads to the question, just who would steal something like that and for what purpose? After this episode it seems rather obvious that the objective of the little group is to create an army of their own using magic to subdue loyal soldiers, but for what purpose exactly? There seems to be another Chaika on board, so she is most likely related to the whole issue somewhat, but somehow this Chaika feels a bit off from the previous one we saw…she uses full sentences.

Hitsugi no Chaika Chaika

I don’t know what to think of this new potential Chaika, but what I do know is that the little boy is such an awful villain. I just hate “bad guys” who are bad just for the sake of being bad. The kid was given no background except that he is cruel and like to hurt people for no reason. We didn’t even got a chance to understand his madness even if just a bit, he just seems like a crazy bastard who killed his whole family and who is now being used by a yet just as crazy wizard. All I see here is a bunch of crazies who somehow never got arrested or killed in their many years of existence. To a certain degree I can perfectly understand how the wizard could have simply changed path now that the emperor is gone and he might be simply trying to restore the empire he was once a part of, but that kid has no place in this plan no matter how I look at it. He might have been useful in the beginning to get the authority needed to get everything started…but what use does he have now?

Hitsugi no Chaika great wizard

It seems that our heroes have entered a castle where men gets mind-controlled and women gets chopped into pieces and raped by the sadistic kid. This can’t be true? There must be some actual reason for those thing to happen. So far every character was so dry, will those be just as dry too? I hope I am wrong in what I saw this episode and that there is much more to this, otherwise…all hope is lost.

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