Hitsugi no Chaika episode 11 & 12 [Final]: Not Worth Watching

Hitsugi no Chaika bullshit

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I must admit I half hoped for the ending of this show to warrant the watch for the rest of the season…boy was I disappointed. Just to be clear, there is nothing inherently wrong with the show, it is just ordinary and really cheesy which makes the watch difficult if you are not into cute little things. Every good character is soft and the cruel bad guys all seem so shallow at time. Even in time of tension everything is too simple, everything is too bright and without question. Everyone Chaika meet seems to be grey, but the only colour we get to see is white.

Hitsugi no Chaika blue chaika

At least, those past 2 episode we got to learn a bit more about Chaika and how she came to be and why she is there…or so I wish. Layla, a.k.a blue Chaika, told us so much new information, except we already knew pretty much everything she mentioned. We already knew that Chaika was “something” made with a purpose and that there were multiple Chaika with different goals and personalities. We already knew that their existence was meaningless and that a greater force was in play here. Just about everything she mentioned, we already knew about it. Even the great mythical voice Layla was talking to was seen in the very first episode. If anything we only learned a bit more about the involvement of Guy in all this, but really nothing else.

Hitsugi no Chaika mad men of war

Something else which might have been a clue to the process of “creating” a Chaika was the way that Viva somehow turned into a Chaika at the end. I am rather uncertain if she was a Chaika all along and simply awoken when she thought that Gilette died, or if she was transformed on the spot seeing as Guy was around. After all, it would make sense that Guy would name a new Chaika now that one of them died. It would be a natural way of continuing the quest, but who knows really knows at this point.

Hitsugi no Chaika teaming up with enemy

Having mentioned Gilette, I cannot just say his name without expressing how foolish I find the guy. I don’t know if he is simply too brave for his own good or just too stupid to realize how pointlessly he puts himself into danger. Speaking of the guy, no way is he actually dead. Yes he seemed really caught up in that blast of magic and there was only his sword left, but just look at how pathetic that magic looked. I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but it is definitively not well conceived. The blast created a crater deep like a small lake, the earth left looked charred and evaporated…but the bodies of the soldiers were still intact. Everyone was still in one piece, their armor unburnt and their limbs all attached together. I don’t know what kind of magic those guys are using, but it is definitively not effective against the right target and the show is too family friendly to have any character die.

So here we are, Hitsugi no Chaika is over, a second season is already announced and I have no intention of watching it. I felt like this show was a huge waste of my time since it was neither good nor bad. It was just average and slow from start to finish. This first season took forever to develop, with barely any character development too. I feel like the story could have been much more interesting, once again, if they simply did everything in a single season instead of having such slow pacing that led to nowhere. Diluting the story the way they did was a bad idea and in the end I think it might very well put into jeopardy the popularity of the second season. Then again, I’m sure lot of people watched this show half-awake and would enjoy the second season just as much.

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