Hitsugi no Chaika episode 2: Emperor’s daughter

Hitsugi no Chaika dead hand

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Hitsugi no Chaika continues to tell its story in a direction which I was hoping for. The show remains true to fantasy route and its universe looks rather interesting. There is more depth than what was first seen in the first episode. Now we have more of a story to go from. We have the daughter of the last emperor, the last emperor was a scary guy who was know as mad and crazy and brought war and terror into this world. The daughter is now away and joined by friends who will help her in her journey. I will from now on call Chaika Daenerys and wait for the time her dragons arrive.

Hitsugi no Chaika dragons in the sky

I feel like it has been forever since we had such a pure fantasy story without romance, ecchi or harem going into the mix. Now we just have the adventure of a little girl and her friends in a world filled with magic and people who wants her as a new emperor…or dead. Either way we will follow her in her journey to recover the different body part of her late father. I must admit it is rather creepy to be collecting the dismembered limb of your family, but everyone has their own ambition in life. In the end it seems that everyone has some weird ideas of what those body parts are meant for, magical power, sign of renewed political struggle or just something to bury in the ground. I have a certain feeling that even Chaika has a deeper purpose to bury the body parts than what she let show, after all at the beginning of the first episode we saw someone talking to her about saving the world from certain doom or something. She was there to accomplish some kind of task and this task seems to involve getting dead body parts and burying them.

Hitsugi no Chaika adventure begins

I’m a bit on the fence right now as to what to expect from the morality of the characters. Chaika looks incredibly innocent and the two siblings look like morons with talent. It is difficult to know if they are actually threading towards a path of war (which would be awesome) or if their statement was just a way for them to forget about any issue and simply go with the flow. I feel like we have thousands of show were the protagonist does the right thing and save the world, I would be in heaven if a show once in a while featured an evil protagonist trying to ruin the world (and for that show not to be a comedy). I feel like it won’t be the case in Hitsugi no Chaika, the show doesn’t seem to be really trying to break boundaries in its story and twists, but I still hold out a little bit of hope that something like that could happen. We will see soon enough, but for now this second episode confirmed to me that I wanted to review this show all week this Spring and therefore here is to a good start for hopefully an awesome show.

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