Hitsugi no Chaika episode 3: Guy

Hitsugi no Chaika Guy

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Our adventure with the Princess of Coffin continues and now we begin the chase for the second of 8 heroes and to get yet another body part. It is a rather gruesome quest, but somehow has to do it. There were a bit of development this episode in term of characters and I want to develop mostly on Chaika and the new guy we just met, Guy.

Hitsugi no Chaika chaika

This episode we met the informant. It is rather obvious from the little we saw that he will have an integral role in the story, both as a major source of information and catalyst to keep the story going, but I also sense that he will be a major part of the overarching story. Chaika seems to be a dead girl somehow, or so does the previous Hero believed. She knows little to nothing and walks around collecting remains, the gang going after her seems to have trouble believing she exists in the first place. She has missing memories, she is simply way too suspicious.

Back to Guy, our illusive man, that kid doesn’t seem to exist in the first place, he gave himself a name and then disappeared. He has all the information needed at all time, even the information no one else seem to know, and then he simply casually tell them to Chaika. If he is not a god of some kind, he must be some powerful being that is directly linked to Chaika’s path and mission. He will be much more than a quest giver that is for sure.

Hitsugi no Chaika wolf pack

It is now clear that the show will revolve around finding all 8 pieces that have been distributed between the 8 heroes and then the final solution to this big story will be revealed. I cannot say it is the most original and complex story, but the universe is great so I’ll keep going at it. Most of all, this episode we once again saw some new beast from this world and I must say. While everything else looks rather tame for this show, the creatures and monster sure have a lot of imagination and great design that went into them. I feel lie they are at a completely different level than everything else in the show, it makes for a really weird balance. I was about just as interesting to learn about Chaika and where she came from than understanding how those wolf-thingy worked and lived.

This episode of Hitsugi no Chaika was a bit slow, but I believe it will lead up to some interesting future quest, so hag thigh and next episode should be much more combat heavy.

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