Hitsugi no Chaika episode 4: Lonely Dragoon

Hitsugi no Chaika Dragoon

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What is this? I think this show is going into very dangerous road. I must say I never had the greatest of fate for the show, but Hitsugi no Chaika is starting to follow a very generic route that will completely kill all the excitement of the universe if it continues that way. We simply cannot have a fantasy show start and just keep on adding new characters like that, it always, always ruins the show. You can’t just add new companions and hope things will go better. Once a fantasy show begins, you lose 1 respect point from me for each new companions that joins along the way. Once you get below 2 respect point, I stop watching. Hitsugi no Chaika has now fallen to 2 respect point for me, the show just keeps going in the wrong direction and I fear there won’t be anything entertaining to watch soon enough if the trend stay like this.

Hitsugi no Chaika weird dinning subject

I always wish for that neat fantasy show that brings a new look on the world, a new prospect on fantasy with new fun element. Hitsugi no Chaika is turning to be just one more fantasy show that uses the fantasy as a mean to telling a story more than anything else. We have characters with some emotional issues, but those issues are never at the center of the story and we just seem to focus on the story that is getting progressively more childish as time goes by. If Hitsugi no Chaika doesn’t change direction pretty soon I will have to drop it because I already lost all enjoyment in watching and blogging the show.

This episode I liked the idea  for the dragon, that he was longing for a strong human to fight along side, he was incapable of forgetting his previous master and now he roamed the woods endlessly looking back for a fight. It was a bit weird though to have a creature known in mythology for their great wisdom and fierceness act in such an immature manner. This kind of behaviour, the denial at the loss of someone, is the complete opposite to what I would describe as wise and fierce. You tell me this super powerful dragon was unable to let go of the past and move on for who knows how many years? It is rather pathetic.

Hitsugi no Chaika new character

As you might have noticed, I’m starting to feel rather unimpressed by the show, I’m really hoping something fun happens soon otherwise I won’t stick much longer with it.

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