Hitsugi no Chaika episode 5: Chaika everywhere !

Hitsugi no Chaika Red Chaika tied up

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Let me start by saying that the show regained some of my respect after this episode. After last week I felt like giving up entirely on Hitsugi no Chaika, but now things are taking a turn to a better future and it makes me happy. Having said that, I still think that the dragon-lady-cat is the worst addition to the show so far. The girl is a savage beast with murder as its only ambition. She appears and disappears as she pleases and there just doesn’t seem to be a reason for its existence what so ever. We saw it once during this episode and just long enough for me to hate it even more. Now it is nowhere to be seen despite everything that happened with the two Chaika and all the potential for battle. Why did we need this stupid dragon character to begin with I wonder?

Hitsugi no Chaika crazy dragon

Well, the story suddenly got a lot more interesting rather quickly. Turns out there are some more stories than what we originally were presented with. I’m glad we got to learn a bit more about the universe and that the show has a bit more depth than what was presented up until now. After the last episode I had my hopes completely vanish for the future of the show. I didn’t care for a generic adventure stories that goes nowhere, but now if we are dealing with a mysterious daughter of an emperor that has had her personality divided into multiple body, it suddenly makes the story much more interesting. It does appear that after the death of the emperor multiple Chaika appeared around the world, each with different personality that all seem to represent a particular part of “someone’s” personality. Now, are they all part of one greater “Chaika” character or is it related to something else is hard to know for now. It remains rather interesting that with so many new Chaika we might be able to learn much more about the universe and what is going on right now. Our current White Chaika looks particularly oblivious to what is going on after all.

Hitsugi no Chaika wanted

Another particularly interesting prospect is all the different outcomes possible depending on which Chaika gathers all the remains. It seems that every Chaika has a different objective after gathering the remains and it suddenly makes a lot of sense that there is a team of people informed of Chaika’s return and that she will bring about the end of this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were indeed one Chaika who wished to bring this world into chaos. Red Chaika already has ambition of revenges, only White Chaika act all angelic and all. If we base the personality on colour, I can see Black Chaika being the most evil of all, the complete opposite of White Chaika. I suppose from there it would all be speculation though, but we will probably get to learn a lot more about all those Chaika soon enough.

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