Hitsugi no Chaika episode 6: Parting Ways

Hitsugi no Chaika rivalry

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I was really scared in the course of this episode that we would have the Red Chaika squad join our original crew. I have said so before, but there is really no point adding more character to this show unless they somehow tie in into the story itself. The stupid dragon just seem to be used as a plot device more than anything else. It claims to love fights and wants to battle more than anything else and yet the dragon appeared in every single sequence this episode except in every single fight there was. What the hell is up with that? Look, I don’t mind if you wanted a more “intelligent and detached” character to give some kind of narration of the internal struggle of your characters, but maybe it would be wise to make the character live up to what it claims to be. You can’t have someone have a personality and never act on it. That stupid dragon seems to change side of what it wants every 2 minutes, a real women it is.

Hitsugi no Chaika shit stain dragon lady

Another thing that bothered me a bit this episode was how Red Chaika was so much cooler than the white Chaika we hang out with all the time. Up until now we had no real idea that there were other Chaika’s with different personalities, we didn’t knew how much our Chaika sucked. I would much rather have the powerful and determined Red Chaika over the innocent and mindless White Chaika we have here. The girl is so clueless and while she is the main catalyst to give us the story, she really provides very little in the actual adventure other than the quest itself. She was obviously an interesting source of mystery and brought about the whole show together…but the same would have been true of any other Chaika! We only got to see Red Chaika, and while her objective were definitively darker and dealing with absolute, it remained much more interesting than the honest and peaceful quest we are currently setting into. And what if there is a Blue Chaika that is super intelligent and is trying to reunite everyone in a diplomatic way? What if there was a yellow Chaika that was absolutely rich and wanted to reclaim all the money of the emperor? Those are all much cooler scenario than just burying the remains of the emperor you must admit. Really makes me consider if we are actually seeing the most interesting story we could be watching or if the show is just wasting our time with the least interesting character there is.

Hitsugi no Chaika red team wins

Sometimes I feel like Hitsugi no Chaika is such a wonderful story told in such horrible ways. I feel like the universe and the twist in the show are well done and could have been great, but the characters and the way the story is told simply negate anything great about the universe. It is such a shame really.

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