Hitsugi no Chaika episode 7: Same thing again and again

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Alright first of all, why is Gillette still going after Chaika? I am pretty certain that last episode we saw him get direct order not to interfere in the matter anymore and instead deal with more important business, yet now he was still definitively after Chaika . I must have missed something important here because I highly doubt  that such a huge plot hole would appear in the show, no matter how bad I think the show is.

Hitsugi no Chaika Gilette again

At least for once, Gillette showed up and fought with everyone. We had a brawl and our super Dragoon friend finally showed up for once. For someone who lives only to fight, she sure doesn’t do much fighting. As soon as the dragoon shows up every one either give up…or Chaika’s team just runaway despite the incredible advantage. It is kind of confusing how people with a dragoon manage to have so much trouble doing anything. That dragoon can fly, use magic, be a mount. It is both wise and knowledgeable about the world, so why does it only appears when it is convenient for the plot? Sounds just way too stupid to me. The personality of that dragoon changes every 10 minutes too, it doesn’t seem consistent at all and just goes the way the story needs it to be.

Hitsugi no Chaika SAved by dragon

Not only was the dragon rather lame once again, but now the hero they had to find was just as boring. The concept of finding heroes to gather the remain was interesting the first few times, but now I’m already starting to be quite bored with the concept and ready to see some progression in the story towards something a bit more meaty. Those heroes are not bringing anything to the universe or the story and I really wish the quest for the remains would go away from them and go more towards the multiple Chaikas…because at least this way we might be able to gain more information about what is going on.

Once again, I am growing increasingly disappointed in Hitsugi no Chaika, I’ve seen fantasy stories along those lines thousands of time, with similar characters and concepts. The only thing the show still have that might be original his its story, yet it fails to explore it properly and instead focuses too much on the characters when those are already well defined and way too generic. I want them to take those characters and make them discover the world with us now, I want to learn about the mysteries surrounding us and get to understand just how grand everything is. So please have it that episode 8 stirs things in a new direction and start revealing some things otherwise I’ll never be able to look at this show with any positive views ever again.

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