Hitsugi no Chaika episode 8: Bad people are boring

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For what the show is about, this episode definitively wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t get to learn much about the emperor, or Chaika…or about anything really. It seems that the show really doesn’t want to focus much on its universe and simply wish to have simple stories of how human adapt and live their lives. I really had hopes that the show could turn into something more of an adventure fantasy with universe development, rather than having character aimlessly roam the land talking to stranger to no avail. I feel like every episode is a filler and that there is barely any progression to the story over time. We had about 3 major development in 8 episodes, it is getting pretty bad.

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What makes it worse ,to me at least, is the complete innocence and friendly nature of princess Chaika. There is really no way I can watch a show with so little development with a lead character with such pure and innocent feeling. As I grow older I begin to hate innocence more and more, the happiness that comes with ignorance isn’t worth the price to pay. Knowledge and Suffering make for interesting lives, not contentment and stupidity. Chaika has no wish to regain her memories, she doesn’t aim for anything more than giving her father a proper burial. I really want to see more out of her, I want to see her suffer, I want her to realize that the world isn’t such a naïve and beautiful place as she thinks. The fact that she has yet to fully realize that and can go on like this is infuriating.

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Next episode has a title that seems to imply Chaika might regain some memories, hopefully this is really the case and we can start ramping up the story a bit until the finale. I feel like I’m going to lose all enthusiasm for the show if things stay so stale. I already lost all hope that it would get any better over time, now all I wish for is that it remains a generic average show, I don’t want to have more reason to complain. It is difficult to find enjoyment in something which doesn’t develop every element that made you interested in the show in the first place. I liked the universe, the fantasy, the story, all things which completely fell off the map to concentrate on the boring and generic characters. I won’t drop this show since I’ve already committed to it for nearly three quarter of the way, but I might start to have shorter episodic review of it consider I’ve been spending the last few weeks repeating the same old thing over and over again anyways.

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