Holy Knight OVA 1: Let’s Have a Child!

I know this first episode came out a while ago, but I only picked it up now and thought it needed sharing 🙂


Kishimoto Lilith is a girl who has had her parents killed when she was young. When she grows up into a beatiful teenager with humongous boobs, she reads a special grave and enters a certain school with one idea in mind: SHE MUST HAVE SEX WITH MIZUMURA SHINTA. Thus, she proceeds to try and convince him, but apparently it’s a thing only lovers do… What is love, Lilith doesn’t even know. SHE JUST WANTS A KID.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Shinta’s friend who clearly likes him doing exercise to show off her boobs to everyone, and Lilith keeps trying to fulfill her destiny, which we learn it to be that she has to conceive the child and then to kill off both father and child and to bathe in their blood… Have fun.

After a few kissing scenes, one of them involving a cute bishie dog and Chizuru (Also called Ms. Big Titties), the episode ends as Lilith invades Shinta’s room and attempts to have sex with him again. Will she succeed this time? *gasp* We shall know when the next episode comes out- Oh wait, it’s out already. Just watch it.




Oh my, I don’t know what to think of this. How’s the storyline? Pretty terrible from what I see, but hey, at least there’s something. So it’s at least a good thing to know that Lilith has a purpose to having sex and undressing everywhere… At least, she’s not just undressing for no reason.

…Oh wait.

…Moving on. I’m curious to know why Lilith’s hands are always cold, she’s obviously some weird creature from another world, whether a vampire or something… I guess we’ll know in the next episode.

Now, let’s take a look at our harem! We’ve got jealous Big Titties, a Stalker, a freakishly adorable Cat Girl and though they’ve all been with the guy for ages they all lose him in two seconds and get him stolen by Lilith, who just wants to kill him and his child in the end. Looking at this, my conclusion is that… this show is so utterly ridiculous. I laughed the whole way through because this was so funny, and it’s pretty amazing that the little amount of plot we got still sucks me in and makes me want to watch more of it.

The ecchi is tolerable, There are no bare boobs, and despite having the whole show centered around having vampires screw other people for their destiny, everything isn’t tooexaggerated to a point where it isn’t funny anymore. I have a bit of a hard time tolerating the genre, unless it’s really well done, and this show is one which really made me laugh the whole way through.

“I wanted to make you confortable so I decided to undo your shirt so your boobs could be comfy”

I don’t have much time these days, but if I do, count me in to take care of the next episode as well. This is freakin’ hilarious, doesn’t make sense and still has a decent plot for a 2-episode ecchi.



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