ImoCho episode 1 [First Impression]: Just what you’d expect

ImoCho incest romance

I saw the name for this show, read the description and then watched it. I got exactly what I was expecting when watching it, A light, incest filled story of “romance and comedy”. I feel like having a lengthy explanation as to what this show is about is rather unnecessary, it is as straight forward as one would like it to be, the parents are going out of the country and the two kids will live alone with an increasingly important sexual urge bounding them together.

Of course in this story there are angel possessing little girls, and chastity belt and other random fantasy element like that, but overall this show is as perverted as it gets. Any incest lover out there should easily fall in love with this show, it is cliché, easy to watch and filled with fun sexy scenario at every corner.

ImoCho masturbating

I knew going in that this show wouldn’t be for me, it is both generic and a romcom so it is difficult for me to approach it in any way, but if you take it for what it is you can probably fill your head with dirty fantasies every week and have some great incest story in mind. I won’t be watching this show or blogging it, I understand its appeal to a male audience, but somehow I must not fit the norm because this show simply sound really boring and shallow to me, I guess I’ve already watched too many ecchi to care much about any of them anymore.

ZeroGhj signing off

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