Infinite Stratos 2 episode 1 [First Impression]: Fan Service here we come

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I blogged the first season of Infinite Stratos so it is just fitting that I blog the second season too, even though as I previously said in my review of the first season, the show really isn’t that good or memorable. Hell I hardly remember anything about the show except that it was a harem mecha which really didn’t have much mecha and a really really generic harem. The only thing the show has that makes it good to the mass is how generic it is. Because the show is so ordinary and filled with fan service it brought in so many male viewers who didn’t any better…and I was one of them.

Infinite Stratos 2 disappointed

No surprise in this first episode of the second season, the episode was filled with fan service and absolutely no content. It really was just an introduction to have us remember about the characters and the harem situation as it stands. Ichika is as dense and stupid as he used to be and all the girls are still just as impatient to have him inside them as they previously were. The episode was pretty ordinary in content and the opening and ending theme were deeply disappointing, but overall the fan service was there and there the episode was still interesting in a certain way. In term of story there was obviously something going on, some kind of beginning for the season, but if the first season is anything to go by, the show will be filled with fan service much more than any mecha or action of any kind.

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I really didn’t miss how dense Ichika is, it is actually a bit bothering how dense he is considering how obvious the girls are, but oh well, never expect too much realism from that show. After all in the scene were the girl was assaulting the base the defence force had at least 2 minutes to shoot at her while she was unarmed and just talking, but instead they decided to wait to see how they would get themselves killed. I have no intention to take this show too seriously and it should really be viewed only as a second grade, fan service kind of show.

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I will be blogging this show, but keep in mind that it is possible that the post might be shorter than usual because the show is so low in content and because I don’t have as much interest for it, but I will cover it nonetheless. It is not a terrible show in the least, it is just a popular generic one. I don’t expect to be surprised with anything the show has to offer, but it is still a good stupid thing to watch to relax your brain a bit.
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