Infinite Stratos 2 episode 2: New Girl Appears!

Infinite Stratos 2 tatenoshi

Well we are only in the second episode of this second season of Infinite Stratos and there is already a new girl appearing and fawning all over Ichika, while I can’t say that it is surprising in any way since the show is a harem before anything else, I must say that it definitively is a quick change of pace from the first season to already have another girl that is so important in Ichika’s life. I mean after all it is not a small harem that surround the guy every day, it is a whole army. I feel there is already a lot of options available for him and maybe exploring those options a bit more could be more valuable than just throwing more characters that will never get to have much air time.

Infinite Stratos 2 harem

You know there are already a lot of girls around Ichika and most of them barely got an introduction before another girl was introduced. I’m thinking especially of Lin which is pretty much completely forgotten now (or so I feel). Eventually there will be too many girls (yes that can happen) and they will each be so marginalized that it will be difficult to cheer for one or the other.  I would rather have fewer girls but have them have more backstory and be more involved in the story than what we currently have of 10 000 girls that in the end starts to act all exactly the same way for Ichika.

Infinite Stratos 2 charles camel toe

I can’t say that I dislike Tatenashi though, she might be new and it might have been only a single episode since she entered in the picture, but she has this undescriptive feeling of wildness and randomness in her eyes. Sometimes guys love crazy bitches even if they are annoying and trust me we don’t know why. Tatenashi is just really weird and mysterious. She got mad when Ichika accidentally undressed her, but then later she teased him in a swimsuit, she seems like she might have some kind of double personality disorder or something, one thing is certain, she is impossible to figure out. The girl is obviously intelligent and talented, she is the strongest at the school, but she also acts dumb quite often. It is really difficult to understand what is going through her head and therefore she is unpredictable and fun. You have no clue what she will do with Ichika and when, it keeps some kind of suspense that should keep things interesting for a little while.

Infinite Stratos 2 swimsuit

Now when it comes to the show itself, I feel like it is a little dull for now and I hope something more than a new character come to spice things up, because otherwise this season could be very long very quickly.

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