Infinite Stratos 2 episode 3: Desperate Virgin’s Hunt

Infinite Stratos 2 competition

What a boring and uneventful episode of Infinite Stratos. I knew that a festival was going to happen the very next episode, but that was even more boring than I expected. If anything the ecchi felt really forced and out of place at time and the actual episode had really little development. Only real development that happened was the very last 3 seconds, barely enough to call this a real episode. It is always sad when a show starts the filler and fanservice episode 3 episodes in. Obviously it is to be expected from a show like Infinite Stratos, but one would hope there could be at least a hint of story in there too.

Infinite Stratos 2 killing

Now the one thing that was definitively interesting in the episode nonetheless was the way Tatenashi managed to pit every single girl against one another to try and deceive Ichika. It is rather hilarious how the girls always claim to love the guy but they always end up fighting over him and injuring him and/or threatening his life in the process. I mean Charlotte did have the best approach for it, although Ichika ended up electrocuted in the process. French girls are so kind, but I digress. I’m pretty sure the best way to obtain that crown would have been to enter in an ecchi situation with Ichika and then ask him the crown for compensation for having seen their breast/boobies. Even if he were to be electrocuted for it I’m sure Ichika would be dumb enough to follow suit and endure the electrocution as punishment for his crimes.

Infinite Stratos 2 shocker

The rest of the review will try to focus a bit more on the 2 seconds of actual content we had this episode, since to be honest it was the only interesting part to me. So now there is a girl (with a rather scary and manly voice) that has infiltrated the school and is running after Ichika to steal his IS. Now, why is that girl after that IS I have no clue what so ever, but I’m sure we will be briefed on it shortly. Anyway for all I know the way Ichika will defeat her is by accidentally touching her boobs or something, then the girl will run away. I mean it seems to be Ichika strongest and only power, touching girls and making awkward situation happens. He is, after all, the only guy in an all girl school and it seems that every single girl in that school are hungry for dicks because there is not a single one who isn’t after him. Anyway for all we know Ichika is actually a girl and we never noticed, it wouldn’t even surprise me since he is such a wimp. I guess we’ll figure it out one day…one day.

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