Infinite Stratos 2 episode 4: Boring

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Look at that, there was finally some kind of story progression in Infinite Stratos, who could have ever guessed! This season is so bad that it makes it difficult for me to believe that I actually kind of enjoyed the first season of the show. We are now at the 4th episode already and the story just got its introduction. They took a third of the season just to get started because they were too busy with the pointless ecchi/harem scenarios to actually give us something worth watching.

Infinite Stratos 2 ecchi

The one thing that really, really pissed  me off about this episode was when the villain declared that she was part of an evil organization. Why in the hell would an evil organization ever exist? There is no such thing as an evil organization, there is no point being evil for the sake of being evil. That just didn’t make any sense and pissed me off. They are probably part of an amoral organization that seeks lucrative ventures without taking laws or others interest into account. That doesn’t make the organization definitively evil, I’m pretty sure that their job requirement isn’t to spread fear and terror in the mind of all for no reason. I just think that there is so little depth in this show, they are making stuff so straight forward and dumb that it makes the watching experience. Why must they go ahead and paint “ENEMY HERE” on the forehead of the new characters, they didn’t even try to have cool and original introduction or make something less cliché. They just made some new bad guy and made them so painfully boring that there is just no interest in seeing them fight.

Has this show always been so boring or did they just completely screw up the second season is the question I’m wondering the most lately. I feel like the first season was at least watchable, there were many character to introduce and universe development. Yet in the case of this second season there was only one new character introduced for now and while she is indeed mysterious and interesting, she is just one character among many and she can’t pull the show together by herself. Maybe my taste in anime have become richer in the past years, or this second season really does suck (or both) but one thing is certain: I’m really not enjoying Infinite Stratos really much lately and it feels like a pain to watch more than anything else. If in the near future the show doesn’t pick up and stays as boring as it currently is I will probably drop it mid-season. I wanted to blog this show mostly because the first season of Infinite Stratos was one of the first anime I ever blogged, but I just can’t do it if it stays this terrible, there is a limit to what I can endure.

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