Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de episode 1 [First Impression]: if Chuunibyou were legit

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Andou Jurai of the Literature Club is a Chuunibyou – that is, he is a man who believes to possess superpowers and prepares every day for his powers to awaken. One day, however, his powers really do awaken, as they do for all other members of the literature club. Six months later, after everyone has gotten used to their powers, we learn that Jurai’s power, compared to the others, is utterly and completely useless. Soon, however, it seems that everyone’s powers may be in need, because it seems that some malicious man is hiding in the shadows… Or in a tree.

The more I think about it, the weirder this image becomes...

The more I think about it, the weirder this image becomes…


Tehe, that was fun! Very shounen-centered, but none the less quite original in its idea and definitely entertaining. I don’t necessarily expect this show to overcome its own stupidity, but the way it is done still leaves me curious as to what will happen next, without hoping too much on the plot as it is. This show should be one of those fun watches of the season which ask you to simply forget about all the bad things that happen in life… Yes, it’s one of those shows.

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One of the main qualities in the show definitely lies in its ability to be epic and cool as well as ridiculously dumb in just about the same frame. On one hand, you’ve got the cool superpowers that everyone has acquired, which promises to lead all our main characters on an epic battle against (most likely) other people with awesome super powers, but on the other hand, you have our main protagonist taking himself way too seriously for the weakling that he is, and breaking the fourth wall constantly in order to explain to us what is going on. This first episode entertained me quite a bit, and although I didn’t burst out laughing completely I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode, and you can count me in to watch some more.

inou battle commentaryThere is promise for a bigger plot, but I don’t think that the show intends to focus very strongly on that aspect. Considering how much it doesn’t take itself seriously, I expect this show to be mostly on the entertaining side, with a few epic moments here and there fulfilling our needs for cool shit to happen to people with cool superpowers. The show definitely fills its shounen conventions without being entirely generic in the way it does it… and I like that.

I expect many good things from this show. Although I don’t believe it will give us much more than what we had in this first episode, the show itself seems very aware of that and yet still does everything in its power to entertain us. If you didn’t like the first episode, you probably won’t enjoy the show, but if you had just as much fun as me in the first viewing, you can definitely put it up on your watching list for this season; my opinion may change after the 3-episode mark, but I have great doubts that this could ever flop, if only because the show never tried to be great in the first place.

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