Sci-Fi of Today : Invisibility Cloak Part 1

The Sci-Fi of Today: Invisibility Cloak part 1

A simple introduction


I will begin with a little prelude to introduce myself and to explain the way those small posts will work. From now on, I will begin a written series about specific technology discoveries, where they come from and how they work. I cannot say as of yet how those parts will be divided and how many there will be simply because this will be a cool first time for me too.

I am a Software Engineering student at Concordia University and I studied in pure Sciences before entering university. While I am no scientist, I did learn much about the scientific world and how it operates, as well as how to gather information from peer-reviewed articles. I never wanted to further a career in science because I’m way too busy being lazy and unorganized to succeed in a field like that, yet I am a lover of science-fiction, and one with real science in it. I want all those incredibly creative technologies which were imagined hundreds of years ago to become a reality. This is why I want to start this series on different scientific discoveries that are now making a reality of all those old science-fiction films.

Every Wednesday you can tune in to our technology section and you’ll be able to read the next installment of “The Sci-Fi of Today”…I did my best to come up with a name that made sense. Obviously so far you can tell that not much science or technology has happened, but I wanted to properly introduce this series before going too far into it. Now let us begin with the real content.

This first series will be about the Invisibility Cloak and Cloaking in general. Invisibility has been man’s fantasy for a really long time, and stealth has always been something important in modern warfare. The current stealth technology enabled us to have stealth bombers and ships that cannot be seen by radar and hardly seen by the naked eye; meanwhile, camouflage armor has been designed in the military to better hide the soldier from the naked eyed. We are always looking at more ways to hide everything we have from the evil eyes of those whom we fear and hate. When you feel sick you hide yourself in bed and far away from the people you don’t know, and in public you hide your genitals and any part of your body you want to keep private. There are many reasons why we want to hide things and stay invisible from everyone’s eyes, but what ever that reason might be, we still have yet to be able to be completely undetectable from the naked eye and to complete erase ourselves from existence…or are we that far away?

This Sci-Fi Today will take us in the journey of the invisibility cloak, how we picture it in our imagination, why we want it, what we have built so far and how it works. This week was merely an introduction, but next week we will already dive deeper and try to see the many ways invisibility is depicted in our culture; later on, we will see how those cultural interpretation influenced our science and discoveries.

ZeroGhj signing off

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