Isshuukan Friends episode 1 [First Impression]: A Tale of Friendship

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Hase Yuuki has decided he was going to be friends with Fujimiya Kaori, a girl in his class who doesn’t talk to anyone but looks really cute to him. She however rejects his confession of friendship, which doesn’t stop our determined Yuuki to talk to her during the whole week. One week after hanging out with her, however, Kaori forgets him, and Yuuki realizes that she cannot make friends because she forgets them every week when she wakes up on Mondays.


This is so cuuuuuute!

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Had I not read the manga before, I would definitely have had this reaction when seeing this come out as an anime. Instead, my reaction leads much more towards the “I would recommend this to anyone” category, since I’m aware that it’ll stay good. Isshuukan Friends is one precious jewel as a manga, and I’m happy to see it turn into an anime so quickly.

The only thing which I’m unsure about is the purpose behind the making of this show. Does it intend to separate itself as a separate anime, or is it simply going to follow the manga until it ends with an open ending? I’m not fond of 12-episode advertisements, so I would be a bit disappointed to see such a good manga made into a lazy show just for the sake of publicity.

isshuukan friends kaori cuteNone the less, whichever way this goes, it is certain to be good. I don’t see any reason why this would split from the manga for the most part of the show, and the feeling of warmth overcoming my heart just grows more and more watching this simple and carefree show. The show is completely adorable on may levels, and should be great entertainment to watch on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t think it can ever reach the level of a masterpiece, especially not with the amount of work put into the show’s technicalities; it shows me that the producers don’t intend to put much effort into the show. The show is pretty, but simple, the soundtrack is okay at best, and the Opening felt like a really bad ED theme… The animation quality of a show doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a bad one (I don’t think Isshuukan Friends will be a bad anime either), but at least shows the complete laziness of the production company to bother taking care of these things.

isshuukan friends kaori smileEveryone with free time on their hands should watch this. It is extremely sweet, heart-warming, cute and won’t become a ruin – although you might find yourself needing to read the manga to follow-up on the story after the 12 episodes have done airing. I’m not happy with the way Brains;Base is making it seem like a lazy way to make money, but I love the manga so much that I’ll forgive them… This time.

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