Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi episode 1: [First Impression]

Taito is having some strange dream lately of a mysterious young girl that curses him. The curse condemn Taito to forever love her, in life and death. But suddenly, this strange dream seems to turn into something more than a simple dream.

Zero’s Impression:

I’m not sure what to think about this show, I don’t know if I should approach it like a serious, deep show or If I should just watch this as a brainless ecchi. Ecchi is present in the show, but the show doesn’t seem to revolves around humour and ecchi only. It seems that there is a story for this anime too.


What's sup ladies? Want a drink?

Should I look at this as a romance? a supernatural show? all of those? Now I’m not saying the show wasn’t fun to watch, it was fun. But I have no idea what so ever where the story is headed to. The characters don’t seem so fabulous, the art neither. But the story could be interesting, the ecchi could be wild, the romance could be cute and the supernatural could be awesome. What should I expect? I like blogging big story anime or ecchi. But I have trouble with romance. Of what I saw this episode, the story seems more focus on the romance part than anything else.


A cool guy never look at an explosion or at a girl exposing her panties

When I first saw the description of the show I was expecting some mindless ecchi, something that would let my mind relax after all the other awesome show that are on air right now. But it seems that this show needs just as much thinking, but for a level of awesomeness way lower than what the other show proposes.


Sup, I'm a head

Now for the ecchi bit. The ecchi looks awesome for this anime, yes everything is overly censored, but tentacle porn in the first episode? That is nice.



Also things seems overly sexual between Gekkou and his assistant. That girl looks hornier and more exhibitionist than anyone her age. Not that I complain though, overly sexual is the perfect sexual for me.



The day she goes commando is the day this anime get a 18+ rating

I don’t think I have the courage to cover this anime, it seems like a leap of faith. I will probably watch it, but even that I am not sure. If something incredible happens I might cover this, but otherwise I think I will pass. The show is just too different from what I expected it to be and what it offers seems sub par to other show from this season in term of quality of entertainment. I said the same thing for Astarotte No Omocha! I don’t like show that tries to be too many things at once, I would much rather have a show limit itself extremely in diversity and do perfectly at what it offers, than a show that does everything poorly.

Possiblity of Watching: Maybe

Possibility of Blogging: Highly Unlikely


ZeroG signing off

Vantage’s Impression: 

To be honest, similar to Zero I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first started watching this. It seemed like an ordinary school, with an ordinary protagonist that’d been having weird dreams. There was an ordinary stuck-up student council kaichou, and the plot of a recurring dream in which he seemed to have been involved in some sort of contract with Kyuubey Himea, a girl that is apparently from his past. This involved poison, which bonded the two “forever”. Unfortunately, Taito has forgotten about Himea and his childhood, and Himea has been stuck in The Cube some sort of dimension for nine years.

He then tried to save the hyperactive ecchi girl, and OMFG HOLY SHIT THE BLOOD he ends up beheaded but realises he’s alive, not completely unlike a similar situation to the truck from Zombie Desu Ka. The situation rapidly escalates, and it was somewhat comedic to see Taito try to reattach himself, only to find out he has regeneration powers. He eventually reunites with Himea in a sweet scene, only to be crushed with suspense, especially at the cliffhanger ending of the revelation that Gekkou was involved.

I have this suspicion that similar to Taito and Himea, Gekkou had formed a contract with his ecchi friend and is involved in the supernatural, as shown when he whips out his sword and exorcises the raping tentacle monster. The start of the built-in ED showed a younger Gekkou in some of Taito’s flashbacks, further proving he may have been involved. The ecchi friend as well – she was NOT BOTHERED AT ALL by the random head on the floor O_O

The potential romance between Taito and either Haruka or Himea leads to more pathways for the plot to lead down to, and if my previous run-ins with this genre proves useful, Himea will probably enrol in Taito’s school and serve as another love interest.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how this will play out in terms of the fantasy storyline, but if it involves the supernatural, ecchi as well as moderately graphic blood, I’m more than willing to give it a try.

Possibility of Blogging: Yes
Possibility of Watching: Yes

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