Ixion Saga DT [First Impression] episode 1: Funny or Stupid?

This show is hilarious ! The first thing I thought when I started the show was “not another show about video games”, but in the end the show is simply completely different from BTOOOM! or Sword Art Online. This show is a comedy, it reminds me a lot about Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, which is a good thing since I loved that show. I expect much randomness with this one, but good and hilarious randomness.

Those boobs convinced me to watch the show too

You know things are off to a good start when you have a party composed of a nerdy virgin, an 8 years old bitchy princess, Zoro from One Piece and a transgender Maid. It is kind of sad that I’m still attracted to that maid (except her voice) even after I knew he was a man. I must be just as bad as Kon when it comes to sexual inclinations.

Beside the party of good guys, I must say that the enemies are just as ridiculous as the Princess’ escorts. They all look like Lords but they are so ridiculous in their manners that it is difficult to consider them as true bad guys. You never look too tough when you get squished by someone who fall from the sky in his computer chair…or when you get kicked in the balls while channeling your super powerful ultimate attack.

that’s just really low

The show takes place in a fantasy universe parallel to our own, it is an interesting way to put it into play. But I wonder if we will ever have something closer to an explanation as to where they are really and what is going on in this world. Actually, I’m sure we’ll have an explanation, I’m just too eager to understand if the show has a solid and interesting story or if it is only based on bullshit and jokes.

He’s got quite the solid butt to survival that fall

I already like where this show is going, it is the kind of show I enjoy watching, but I’m always cautious before recommending this kind of show too. There is a really fine line between a random comedy and a random failure. Let us hope that Ixion Saga DT reminds on the side of the comedy and doesn’t cross and become a failure. Right now I still believe in the future of the show, but if you are watching it, be prepared for the worst.

He’s already wearing Dragon-skin armor ! or Retarded dinosaur armor, I don’t know for sure

I will be watching this show, I might even blog it a little depending on my schedule. This will tell me over time if we are looking at a masterpiece or an abomination from hell. By episode 6, my mind will be set on which of those two categories the show falls into. For now let’s simply enjoy the comedy and the random ecchiness and weirdness that comes with it.

ZeroGhj signing off

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