Jinsei episode 1 [First Impression]: Seen it all before

Jinsei club meeting

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We are only at the first episode and I am already so sick of the concept of the show. Jinsei is obviously just a small scenario comedy anime who won’t have any story development or long-term twists. The show is all about answering simple questions from 3 different point of view and having those point of view clash together. I couldn’t help but notice that in those point of view they didn’t have anyone representing a more artistic point of view or a more leader-like person. I feel it is kind of a flaw in their approach to get towards a consensus about a question using experts from every field.

Jinsei scientist girl

In other news, this show is just really lame and unoriginal. I’ve seen show like these before, a lot of them and they were all better than this one. Because of the very nature of the show, the characters are so generic it makes them completely irrelevant and uninteresting. The touch of ecchi is so light and the romance is so awkward because of the main character that this show has really no future in those departments. The main character feel so empty and he acts like a shadow more than a real person in the show. The focus is all about the 3 girls and the guy who simply seem to disappear in the background and bring nothing. We had a full episode and I still don’t eve have the slightest clue about the guy while the girls are already set in stone.

Jinsei world lamest guy

I don’t think Jinsei is really something worth watching this summer. The show is generic and rather boring. I didn’t find any jokes to be particularly funny or any topics to be particularly interesting. The character design themselves were so generic that I felt I had seen all those character before from different anime. In the end, just not a great show. I will not be watching or blogging it over the summer, and if you liked the show, I guarantee you there already exist similar (yet better) anime of this genre out there, you should watch those instead.

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