Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure [first impression] episode 1: and yet another expected flop

So uselessly articulate you are…

First Impression

…What is this, a joke?

To be honest, the premise isn’t as bad as I first thought it would be. Two men of the same age, with completely different personalities and upbringings, suddenly become brothers and have to get along. One believes that kindness is the way to go, and the other one is so ambitious that his greed has overtaken all joy inside him. The background stories and the link between both characters seem interesting, howevereverything else is so bad that this premise didn’t make the show redeem itself much more than this.

Everytime I thought “well, maybe this isn’t too bad after all”, something happened that made me laugh my head off and wonder if they were trolling or not. When the lady cried because bullies were looking up her doll’s skirt, Jonathan Joestar DEFINITELY HAD TO GO SAVE HER!!! Come on, this is bullshit.That, and seeing Dio kick a dog for no reason made my day.

…That is, until I figured out that both were 12 years old. And here I thought they were in their twenties! My bad, I guess the super manly voice coming out of Dio and Jojo’s humongous muscles threw me off for a sec.

Twelve years old, huh…

Honestly, what the hell am I watching? 13 minutes into the show, I started getting bored. After 16 minutes, I thought I’d stop because this was too painful. But, you know, for you guys and for the credibility of this post I thought I’d finish it, even if it gave me a stomachache in the meantime.

I should probably mention that which I haven’t before, which would be the absolutely horrible animation quality this show has given us with the other crap. It’s crude, it’s ugly, and makes me feel like I’m watching a show from 20 years ago. This is 2012, dammit, at least force yourself…

…Honestly, whatever that damned mask does, I don’t care. I don’t ever want to watch this crap anymore. Those were 23 minutes of my life very badly wasted.

Watching: NO
Blogging: NEVER

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4 Responses to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure [first impression] episode 1: and yet another expected flop

  1. dosomeresearchyoudumbtwat says:

    Fucking idiot, lol.

  2. Leigh Walsh says:

    Maybe you should have read about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure going into it? It’s meant to be over the top campy fun. It doesn’t get awesome until episode 4 or so though.
    The animation is great, they managed to cop the style of the manga while making it a bit more polished and modern.

    • Myst says:

      True, I didn’t know this was based off a manga with this style at first, and knowing this I can judge a bit less. However, for someone who hasn’t read it and based off of the first episode, I hated it and got really bored easily.

  3. FluffyBunnyBoy says:

    You’re also basing your entire judgment of a 26-episode anime on a single episode, whose “gain the inheritance” plot gets discarded at the beginning of the third episode in favor of supernatural shonen fighting.

    This is also why your evaluation is beyond terrible. =P

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