Jormungand episode 12 [Final]: The soldier who never dies

I was honestly hoping that for once Koko and her team had found a rival that would be somewhat of a challenge, but no. Turn out that the trio of killers didn’t even put a scratch in Koko’s team. I wish that for the final episode of the season there would at least be some kind of unexpected turn of event that would make some drama and some death occurs. But no, Hugo lives to drive another day and no one was hurt except for Lehm who got a little scratch and that is about it.

At the same time, I can’t say I’m all that sad that Hugo died, because we got to see is awesome driving skills. Even though I must admit I highly doubt this kind of maneuver is possible in real life. You might be able to drive from the rear, but that 180 at high sped seem like the best way to kill yourself. Still, Hugo proved how awesome he was at taking the wheel after all.

Meanwhile, far away from there, Velmet is on her quest to finally avenge her fallen comrades from long ago. She drugged Jonah to escape his watch, but it seems that while she is able to infiltrate an oil refinery full of guard, she can’t escape from a child’s view. She would have been dead meat twice at the very least if Jonah was not around to watch her back. She was so careless and had such a blood lust that no one could have stopped her at that point. Yet even with all this insanity, she somehow managed to win it all.

Later on she got shot for what she did, she was shot quite a lot even, yet it seems that even after getting shot 3 or 4 times in the back, it was not enough to kill her. Also,  Jonah didn’t kill that chinese girl either, Both survived. It gets kind of boring that no one dies ever, I know it is not the first time I’m whining about that, but it will be the last for this season at least. I expect people to die when the show is about guns. This is not a super hero show, it is one of action and war, people are all but cog in the machine during a war, no matter how good you are, you can’t win against the whole world if you are alone.

Jonah was drugged, he had enough drug in him to sleep the time of his life, but instead he killed a sniper and a skilled fighter. I have no clue what that kid is made of, but he certainly ain’t made of regular normal flesh, he must be some kind of alien from a distant solar system and he plans to destroy the earth by helping a dangerous arm dealer.

The season ends on that end, except that it also tells us a bit more about R and how he seems to be betraying Koko. I don’t know where that revelation will lead us in the future, since the next and second season of Jormungand will only start during the next Fall season. Until then, we’ll have to wait to know what kind of treachery is going on right there.

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