Jormungand episode 3: Jaws & Pantyless

Do you hear the Jaws music in the background? there is a shark coming for Koko and he is getting dangerously near.

This show has some serious Black Lagoon vibes going on. The crazy unstable characters, the guns, the music, the only thing that differs a little is that Jormungand is less dark in its art. In today’s episode the sun was shining in the sky, may it have been in Europe or the middle East, it was bright outside and the symphony of the firefight was easily seen by every passerby in the streets.


Having a Child Soldier was not enough, now the show has Child Pornography too !

I must say that I absolutely love the new girl, she is even crazier than anyone who appeared before, each episode we get to meet someone even crazier than in the previous episode, by this trend, I can hardly imagine how crazy and fucked up the character introduced in the last episode will be! On a more serious note, Chinatsu is viciously crazy. Going around in a mini-skirt, without any underwear and killing people left and right, having some hideous and amoral fun doing so. She has the instinct to be an amazing assassin, I hope she won’t die just yet, I want to see just how crazy that girl can be. Koko now has some competition!


Orchestra's Master a.k.a Jaws

But I don’t particularly like Orchestra as a whole, They are a team of two, they don’t look professional at all and they have some weird music fetish. Instead of Orchestra I think I’ll call them Jaws and Pantyless, it seems like a more fitting name for their Duo. They may be assassin, but even after firing enough lead to cover the entire floor of the plaza with bullet, they only manage to have a single hit…in the leg of their target body guard. They did manage to kill every single cop with only a bullet or two though, but of course they are expandable. Why would the two cop with Riot Shield die and Velmet somehow survive a full charger from an automatic weapon? I have no idea, but I don’t like it.


Chinatsu a.k.a Pantyless

I wish anime like this could be a little more realistic for this, Even when Koko had her head exposed for a whole minute she did not get shot a single time under that rain of bullet. Same thing with Jonah who charged in straight in the middle of the fray and somehow managed to not only survive, but he was not shot a single time either. I think they have some kind of magical magnetic field around them that makes it impossible for anyone to hit them with bullets, because there is no way they could be THAT lucky.


I loved the torture scene

Either way, this was the first episode of this Orchestra arc and I wonder how long it will be, I figure that next episode or in two, Orchestra will be done for, the arc is nothing that interesting after all, I am not yet hooked to this shows story, at least the characters keep me interested in this show for now.


is it Yuri time already ?

ZeroG signing off

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