Jormungand episode 5: Meet our pale white friend Casper !

This was exactly the type of episode I expected and hoped to see from Jormungand ! There was no explosions, no one died (well, some did in the flash back, but who cares) and instead we had a lot of story and psychological development. I always wanted to know what happened to the character and what made them into those bad ass bodyguard that they are now. We might not have the complete background of Jonathan just yet, but we sure have an interesting part…how he came to be Koko’s bodyguard.

But this episode create more questions than it answered, and I think that it is why I love the episode so much. I was wondering what was Jonah’s past, well now we know a little bit more, but now I still want to know what happened before he was sent to reinforce that base, I want to know how he came to actually like working with Koko. After all, he was essentially sold and torture to work for her, he didn’t do anything out of free will. Yes he did so to save his friend, it was a noble move, but nonetheless he is now essentially a slave without any hope for a better future.

Another question that was raised this episode was, just who exactly his Casper? I never knew Koko had a sibling to begin with and now we are introduced to this cold-blooded arm dealer that looks so intelligent and badass and cruel and awesome and stuff. But we still don’t know anything about him, we know that he is notorious, he looks more vicious than Koko and he might even be more powerful, but we still have no idea just how powerful he is.


What more? the story is now headed to Africa and we will soon enough hear about the whole story of Velmet I am quite sure. I could care less about what kind of action there will be in the near future, I want to know the past of all those cool characters ! They are too awesome for me not to discover their dark and so interesting past. We know that she lost her team in Africa, but what EXACTLY happened, we still have no clue what so ever.

I know I’ve said this a million time already,  but I simply love the opening, reminds me so much of Black Lagoon and it is catchy even though I couldn’t understand a single word if it weren’t for the subtitles. The opening also help me remember the face of every single bodyguard under Koko command, there are so many of them after all, it is quite difficult to remember them all every week since they don’t all have as much time in the spotlight.


The show finally got me a little pumped to watch the next episode, at least now I can expect more story and less gunning to happen, I like that.


ZeroG signing off

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