Jormungand episode 9: Beach time !



It seems even a show like Jormungand cannot do otherwise but have a beach episode somewhere during the show. It was something I was certainly not expecting, but it happens to be the highlight of the episode for me. Yes the team is mostly consisted of men and there are as many kids as there are women in Koko’s bodyguard, but we have to take our fanservice when it appears.

Koko and Valmet have gorgeous body and while the guys have enough common sense not to go after their boss, they sure tried with their coworker. In fact R tried so much that he reached the seven’s skies. I was not expecting any groping to occur in this show, it simply doesn’t have the ecchi atmosphere. After all we follow the story of a kid soldier and an arm dealer, pedophilia and violence would be a brutal mix. I’m not really into muscle girl, so Velmet isn’t what I would consider an “attractive person of the opposite sex”, but beauty is subjective and I’m sure many guy were drooling after seeing such a beautifully built body.

This episode we were shown a character that I sometime forget he even exist. Mao might be the only guy with a family on the crew, but he is also the ugliest in my opinion and the least interesting overall. I don’t know why, but he simply never seem to do much and from what we learned this episode he’s the expert in artillery. I have no idea what that kind of expertise brings to the table for Koko, but Mao could die and I would not shed a single tear.

The rest of the episode was spent mostly with militia and doctors and what not, that’s the boring part of the episode, gun fight and people getting shot. I do know that it is supposed to be the center of the show, action and explosions ! But I dislike those, I would much rather have a quiet talk with Jonah and the doctors than see stupid military shooting at each other, I’ve seen guns and explosions in thousands of movies and films, what I care about is the story. If the senseless killing brings interesting memories back or character development, then it will be justified. Until then, I’ll qualify it of free violence and I won’t have much more interest in reviewing it.

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