Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 10: Stupid Witch Running Everything

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin WItch witch in rag and tortured

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And here I thought we’d have a funny and happy episode…just kidding. This was pretty much exactly what I would have expected to happen with the latest turn of event in Junketsu no Maria. From the very beginning it was pretty obvious that Maria would get into trouble with the church and well, here you have it now, she is in trouble with the church. May it be the church of the earth or church of the heaven, let’s just say there are very little religious organization which like her.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin WItch to be executed

As if Maria getting in trouble was not enough, because of her rash and stupid actions she even got Viv and Edwina in her own mess now. That girl is so innocent she doesn’t realize the consequences of her actions one bit, it was all fun and game when the only people in trouble were herself and her familiar, but now with Joseph, Viv and Edwina stuck into this, her own foolishness is putting people in danger.  Viv got handed by Michael and now she has to heal and Edwina was stuck to save Maria’s sorry ass because no one else could. Every witch in the region is going to get in trouble if things keep up as it is, all because Maria had to be stubborn and piss off God.

Speaking of which, why did she do all this in the end? If there is one thing that really pissed me off about Maria this episode is how after all this she can sit alone in her cell and question why she did all this to begin with. Why would you go to such extent to piss off everyone if you aren’t convinced of your beliefs to begin with? Why do you have to wait till now to finally ask yourself that question? When it is already too late, when you are already going to be killed for witchery. Maria is so pathetic it frustrates me to no end sometimes. God might not be able to love, but Maria is unable to use her brain. Who would you rather have all the power? A God with no love, no compassion, but who doesn’t mess with your life…or would you rather have a stupid childish witch with a great heart but who is responsible for more deaths than anyone else? Personally, if I can’t get an intelligent and caring God, I’d rather have one who’s either inactive or simply non-existent.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin WItch sky battleIf we just go away from Maria for a bit, I must admit I have no clue what is going on between Galfa and Joseph. I felt they were friends, I know they kind of hate each other in some way, I know they have trouble accepting some of the stuff the other has done, but it still remains that they are friend…no? I would understand that they dislike one another a lot right now, but to the point of trying to kill one another? Furthermore, why would Galfa have any beef with Joseph in the first place? Galfa tried to rape Maria, this is obviously legit cause for Joseph to be annoyed, but why does Galfa want to kill Joseph this badly? There is a lot I’m not fully understanding about their relationship right now and somehow I doubt it will be explained next episode.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin WItch death incoming

All in all, things are still coming to a rather intense close, I hate every single character in this show, but I certainly don’t dislike the show itself. Only 2 episodes left, hopefully we get some conclusion about the many things opened up.

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