Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 12 [Final]: Cliché Ending

Junketsu no Maria the virgin witch maria the virgin

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This episode was about everything I expected it to be, which is a bit disappointing since I was expecting something rather cliché and bad. This final episode was like it came straight out of a fairy tale, the over dramatic reunion of all the forces, the trial of friendship and love and even the surreal conclusion. I would expect this kind of story to come from a children’s book, if you just take aside the prostitution and sex from the first few episodes.

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I had no issue with the battle about to rage, no issues with the witch showing up, since after all, they did have a stake in this battle. Where I really started to lose interest was the entire agreement between witches, ancient being and archangel to properly discuss the matter and have a trial for Maria. I feel this just conflicted with everything else that had been going on in the show so far. If all this mess could have just been solved by asking people around, why was that not the solution in the first place? If Michael can just poll around to know who is in the right and who is in the wrong, why didn’t he use that ability in the first place? Is it just because the archangel is bad at his job? How or why would a being so powerful as the archangel care to question himself that way? Why does he not simply strike Maria down and be done with all of this?

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Instead of an interesting finale, we had a jerkoff contest as to who could be most polite when deciding who would win the popularity contest of having the most friends. Maria the virgin witch was never the greatest anime ever, but considering the kind of topic they were going after, I was still expecting something a little bit more intelligent and original than what we were delivered. What is the big deal with a story for children being mixed with so much pointless reference to sex? Maria being a virgin was an important part of the show, but everything else sexual could have been avoided if you wanted to make such a kid story. I feel that Junketsu no Maria just didn’t knew what audiences it was aiming to please and this might be why I feel it simply annoyed both sides.

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 If I had to give a review for Junketsu no Maria, it would be somewhere around 7 on 10. The show was not memorable in any way, did not have a really interesting (or at least original) universe, the characters were all annoying and in no way unique or special. The story was a copy paste from old folklore and this was just an interesting rendition of religious ideals propaganda. So if you ask me, Maria the virgin witch is not a bad show, but it is too stale and therefore it is a pass for me. It has its moments, but overall it is just not worth the time and the only reason you should have watched it is because there was nothing good this winter. Now that I’ve written this review I will probably go on to forgot this show ever existed. To my disappearing memories!

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