Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 11: And then Flowers and Heart and stuff

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch I'll protect you

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I knew Junketsu no Maria was a bit cheesy. I knew it was closer to a Disney fantasy than something a bit more realistic and grim, but I somehow wasn’t expecting for the episode to be THIS lame and filled with happiness. This will most likely be a shorter review, because I just have the same negative thought cycling through my head right now, I am very disappointed with what I just watched.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch fighting between friends

I don’t mind romance, I was expecting that Junketsu no Maria would end with a happy ending, but this episode was just too much bullshit. Maria and Joseph are such annoying characters, the only thing I could think of as I saw them lift of to the sky was how much they screw over everyone else for their own pity happiness. They are such a self-centered and childish bunch, this is what happens when irresponsible and oblivious individual get their hand on too much power. I’m not against witches, but I’m certainly against Maria.

I am speechless right now, but for the wrong reasons. I feel like I’ve put way too much trust and faith in the show and now I am reminded that it may have looked so good only because there was no other show worth a damn this time of year. I was hoping too strongly for Maria to be a story worth paying attention to. Turns out, it is about average, it just bloomed brighter because it was in a pile of shit.

Junketsu no Maria the Virgin Witch meeting with god

At least next episode could bring some interesting conversations and conclusion for the story. Who I am kidding, we all know it is going to be a silly warm conversation between Michael and Maria where they learn to love and bring happiness to all…or some other carebear philosophy like that. I need to go puke now.

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