Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 2: Benevolent Witch

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I really can’t say that Junketsu no Maria was an anime I was planning on covering this season. It was interesting, no doubt about that, but I expected for some more heavy hitter this Winter…alas those never came. Junketsu no Maria has become one of the best show of the season simply because most other one sucked. Can’t say I mind that much, this anime certainly has a certain charm to it. I must said I find it rather rare that anime explore feudal Europe in its story, it makes for a different atmosphere with the catholic church and wars between blinded “servants of god”. I think I can get behind this anime and enjoy it till the end.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch trouble incoming

I must say that the beginning of the episode did made me doubt a bit what the show would be about. The description and title for Maria the Virgin Witch is already pretty difficult to ignore, everything seems to point out to a very silly ecchi more than anything else. So when the episode begin with succubus complaining that their butt hurts after a night of work, followed by a lot of penis and homosexual jokes, it can be understood why suddenly I wouldn’t be certain of the aim of the anime. In the first 10 minutes, things were getting very saucy very quickly. Without the intervention of Michael, I’m sure there would have been even more sex jokes, but somehow divine intervention saved the day.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch homosexual relationship

Speaking of divine intervention, I found interesting to see the extend of the fantasy elements in this episode of Junketsu no Maria. We already knew that Succubus and Witch were a thing along with summoned dragon and the like, but I wouldn’t have guessed that Valkiries and Archangel would show up. Somehow there is a whole hierarchy of mythical creature taking watch over humans. It is rather creepy when you think about it, the angel are watching to make sure that no powerful being mess with the lives of humans, meanwhile you have witches and succubus running around making humans their puppets. Such a very complicated system that, I must admit, I cannot even begin to understand it. I’m kind of curious what kind of response Maria will have to the power of the divinity and how she will fight the church for her own belief. It is already quite interesting to see her act as a benevolent God who people can call out for help and she will answer. She is already seen as a benevolent witch to everyone in that village, her words hold power. The way I see it, the story could go both ways from here, either Maria gains more power in future episode to fight the authority of the angels even more, or she starts losing power and she has to change her moral or adapt to her new situation. I don’t think I would mind either outcome to be honest.

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