Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 3: The Foolish Innocent Witch

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch Maria

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 Hey, we finally learned more about the slogan of the show “Sorcière de grès, Pucelle de Force” or Witch by Will, Virgin by Force. We knew for a while that Maria was a witch, we also pretty much already knew she was a virgin, but why was she a virgin by force had not yet be revealed. I figured it must have been something in her past, since that’s how things usually work out in anime like this one. I was surprised it simply had yet to happen, turns out we were just not yet to the point in the story where Maria was forced to remain a virgin. I understand one’s virginity to be something upheld vigorously by the church, a vow of celibacy, but it remains something really weird for an angel to ask an innocent little girl between her power and her virginity.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch Archangel Michael

Let’s be honest though, Maria wasn’t about to loser her virginity anytime soon either way. That girl was so far away from that she couldn’t even imagine what a penis looks like. She is a goddamn witch, the girl can summon succubus to do her bidding, she conjure up demons and dragons and goes up against God himself. It is not like the girl lacks knowledge or power, but somehow sexuality is one she is too scared and innocent to grasp. Everyone has their weak point, it is just both hilarious and frustrating to see a girl with such power be such a prude and so innocent. Usually people as intelligent as she is and as knowledgeable as she is are much wiser than that. She complains that everyone keep asking her the same question, as to why she is doing what she does, yet her answer is so simplistic that it cannot do otherwise but reveal her foolishness.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch new kid in town

With great power comes great responsibility, this was a great line from Spiderman, but it cannot be dismissed as untrue. Maria has the power to alter wars between humans and anger the gods, now even some kind of mystical being of the forest has taken interest in her. Despite all this she acts  with the moral and mentality of a 6 year old, I can definitively understand why the Gods may find her to be dangerous for the stability of the world.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch owl

Despite how silly and immature the story is, despite all the ecchi and silly owls, I find Junketsu no Maria to prove to be the best original of this Winter. I find it deal with a really good balance between fan service, story and comedy. A big bravo to the team working on this, it is rare I get to see an anime that while somewhat generic, succeed this well at catching my heart and interest. No matter how dubious the anime looks on paper, it is actually fantastic.

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