Junketsu no Maria – Maria the Virgin Witch episode 4: Virgin in Body and Mind

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch The virgin witch

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I enjoyed watching this episode of Maria the Virgin Witch, but for some indescribable reasons I didn’t find it as interesting as previous ones. Maybe it was because there was more ecchi and the episode was more about morality, maybe because I completely agree with the “heaven’s way” and also see Maria as a stupidly idealistic character. No matter the reason, even though I didn’t like this episode as much, I still enjoy watching Junketsu no Maria weekly. We have such a weak season this time around, there is just no new original anime to even begin to make competition for this show. It is quite sad actually, I wouldn’t blame anyone who isn’t paying attention to any of the new anime.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch Taking advantage of blindness

We saw a lot of Maria’s past this episode. There was nothing concretely said, but anyone who paid just a bit of attention would understand what those flashback meant. We saw a young Maria going to a village, just offering her help, and being rejected by the church. Ezekiel had ask earlier why Maria was so limited in her thinking that she would save one village from soldier but let another die from the plague, this flashback might not have been about that particular village, but one can correlate the story to both case. Maria might have wanted to help everyone, but because of her status as a witch she was rejected by most church and therefore she had to “abandon” some village because they rejected her help. Kind of silly when you think about it, an entire village disappeared from the map, every peasant dead, and the priest are quite happy that they died worshiping for god and waiting for help. I am not a man of faith, and I understand this show is made specifically to go against religion and even more against religious authorities, but this really highly my idea of the folly of religion. People going to die miserable because they avoid certain solution out of “faith”. I am really happy when religion is used as a way to confront difficult situation and to people keep mental strength, but people blinded by faith that go and die when other solution exist is simply frustrating.

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the Virgin Witch rejected by the church

Even if the church is bad and everything, I can’t say I completely agree with Maria’s way much more. Yes she is a loving innocent person, but at the end of the day she is doing all those selfless act for very selfish reasons. She is ending battles here and there, but her actions only goes to make the world an even worse place to live in at the end of the day. You really can’t disagree with anyone who calls her a virgin, she is innocent and dumb in both mind and body. Maria sees the world as an idealistic impressionable little girl and she lacks the maturity to really analyze and understand her own action. She does things that makes her happy in the short term and that make other around her happy. She lives on her own and was rejected from society everywhere, it is no wonder that a small girl like that would want to use her power to be loved and accepted by some. If only she could get to mature a bit though, she could actually make good around her instead of simply making things look good on the surface.

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